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Meg here, the LA Times has some pretty scary statistics going on with American women.Here’s a little highlight.

* Eighty percent of women say they’re unhappy with their appearance, and 67% of women ages 25 to 45 are trying to shed pounds — though 53% of those women are already at a healthy weight. The report also cited a study in which 69% of the respondents (18 and older) said they were in favor of plastic surgery — a 7% increase from 2006.

I wonder about these things, not that I doubt Emili Vesilind statistics but maybe 7% increase in plastic surgery is not so much about the unhappiness women have with themselves but rather the larger widespread acceptance of plastic surgery? Botox and juvaderm seem as “gateway” procedures for even those that were once afraid of the dentist lining up in droves to get their wrinkles filled.

The article goes on to say that the “(we knew things were going downhill when fourth-graders started emulating scantily clad pop stars like Britney Spears)”. When I was a little kid..I was into dressing like a slutty Madonna way before fourth-grade. I remember piling on the jelly bracelets and lace gloves and floppy bows and begging my mother for Madonna’s “Boy Toy” t-shirt. This never lead me to an eating disorder. Just a lot of humorous polaroids with my 6 year-old cohorts.

The article also points out “One of the many factoids in the report noted that if women put the average amount of money they spent on monthly manicure-pedicures ($50) into an interest-bearing retirement account every year for 10 years, they would have almost $10,000 saved.’ Excuse me, but who the hell wants to do that? There’s lots of ways to save $50 and I don’t think cutting out your mani-pedi should be one of them. The appearance of your hands is very important and when I see a woman with unsightly, chewed nails and hangnails it doesn’t only look unprofessional but unhygienic.

Everything in moderation, I guess (this coming from me is soo hypocritical). I felt reading this article the same way I do when watching LA weatherman report on “Storm Watch” and it rains for maybe three hours.

I don’t know, what are your thoughts? Are these really new, media related issues or more of the same stuff thats been around forever?

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