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Meg here! I’m trying to be better. I’m not a walking dump of toxins (well, atleast not Wednesday-Sunday.) I know I can use the very best products on the market but if my diet consists of hot pockets, vino and marlboro’s I’m not going to look like a beauty expert. I may look like one of thoses warning advisory photo’s on the peril of poor nutrition. I’m starting to think there maybe such a thing as “bad publicity” GASP. I may have to clean up my act.

Fortunately, I have found It is an age defying system made with all of those hot sueprfoods you’re reading about everywhere. All from South America and a lot from Peru! Funny enough, when I was in Peru, the last think I spent time doing was searching for purple corn so I’m lucky has that covered.

You know those people that spend all that money on those fancy shake makers? The blenders are like $500! I know because I just bought one. True, it is a Margarita Maker but I see how being one of those healthy smoothie people can get pricey! Not only is it expensive but it’s time consumig, and it’s a Gdamn mess to clean up afterwards! I know a lot of you have real lives with children and real jobs and things and the last thing you want to be doing is chopping apples and ginger in the morning. Not to mention scrubbing the blender. Also, it’s not that easy to get purple corn out of Peru…

Try adding this to your shopping cart, I mean just for giggles….

Organic Maca (what it does) This miracle superfood is an adaptagen that works by supporting the endocine system through the pituitary gland which is responsible for the aging process.

Organic Camu Camu (what it does) It contains extraordinarily high Vitamin C content is the most important property of the fruit, higher than any other naturally found berry, fruit, or vegetable, giving way to the many benefits it provides your body including skin and hair health, mental stability, immunity support and more! 

Organic Purple Corn Extract (what it does) Purple Corn is the superfood that has shown the most promise in our opinion for not just weight loss, but obesity prevention. Known for helping to boost metabolism and help up lose body fat, numerous studies by American universities and global universities alike support these conclusions making it a critical component in our fountain of youth. The big buzzword in health right now is antioxidant and by now we all know how important they are in our diet; look for yourself at purple corn compared to the famous acai berry and blueberries. This chart shows over 5 times more anthocyanins! Making it a SUPER antioxidant compared to other commonly known superfoods.

I’m sure not getting my passport out to go find these things! Now I don’t have to. gets you healthy really easy. It’s just a drink, just a quick shot! (You all know how I love my shots!) It takes 30 seconds down the hatch and go. They have it all in these easy pre-measured bottles and after two weeks YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE!

Tonight at 5:30 Pacific, 8:30 Eastern TIme, I along with my beauty guru friends, will be hosting a #youthfulliving Twitter party! I’m @megsmakeup on twitter and we’re giving tons of away!! Join us!

Live in NYC? Then lucky you! Youthh2o’s brand ambassador, Evelyn Lozada from BASKETBALL WIVES will be on hand tomorrow, September 24th at Duane Reade, Union Square for two whole hours giving away the youthH20 and telling you how it helps her stay gorgeous!

Come join the fun, put your blender away and prepared to get healthy. If you’re at all like me, “healthy” may be a stretch. I basically shoot my youthH2o to help balance out all of my naughty! I think it is working!!

What supplements do you ladies take? Any juicer’s out there? Fill me in!


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