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vanityMeg here and I’m so over it. I know it’s been tough so here is a list of “WHY YOU ARE AWESOME.” I made this list with a lot of scientific data (that would be none) but it’s a good list. One I have compiled from great books and if you can relate-more power to you! I believe strength in numbers. It’s a lot easier if we can digest our days and know we’re not going it alone. We’re not. David Sedaris wrote a brilliant story (If you haven’t read David Sedaris-you should) and the end was, all that really separates us are our fingerprints. I wish I could write like David Sedaris. He makes me wet my pants every other chapter. Me Talk Pretty is my most favorite book ever.

Writing this stuff down doesn’t hurt. You may think I’m nuts (given) but I write notes to myself all over the house. I stick them random places and I stick them on my bathroom mirror.

Every wish that I wrote down and stuck on my bathroom mirror has come true. My guess is because it was subconscious, but not. Everyday I have to affirm the thought as I brush my teeth or wash my face. Everyday I have to see it and make it come true. Maybe you don’t need an “in your face” goal but I do. It doesn’t just make me on track. It makes the goal reachable and reminds me of what I want.  I have found that doing this exercise works our brains because our brains and our will are on the same system. It doesn’t matter how “crazy” or how far-fetched. Those are terms other people put on you. If you want it you’ll get it. There is nothing you can’t get.

DISTRACTIONS ARE BAD. STOP FINDING YOURSELF IN OTHER PEOPLE. I’m guilty of this one. I am a full-blown extreme all or nothing person. I fall in “love” fast and I know it’s because I am lacking something from with-in. I want to help those of you in the hopes you’ll help me. Stop. I’m filling a void. You’re filling a void. Let’s figure out this “void”so we don’t fill it with someone that can fill the “void” and nothing else. I’m amazing. You’re amazing. Let’s stop looking for a piece of the puzzle that really doesn’t fit. We try to make it fit because it’s always easier to mend a patch then just start from scratch. If it were easy everyone would do it. Tear off the band-aid and rebuild. You’ll be happier in the long run. Suck it up and rip it off. You deserve that.

IF EVERYONE LIKE’S YOU, YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG I am working on this. This is the hardest rule for me. I will give you money, shelter, connections and yes, the shirt off my back. I was taught this is how a noble person should live. Yes, this is how fairies lived in 1500. This is not how real people live in 2011. Especially not in Hollywood where people will throw you in front of a bus if they think it helps their next audition. I have been suckered so many times, I have been made a fool. I also voice my opinion. I don’t double-deal and for right or wrong, I piss a lot of people off. That’s my truth. I speak it. I’m comfortable with it, I like the skin I’m in. Be comfortable with your skin. You can’t win everyone (and why would you want to?) Speak up and ruffle feathers and be heard! As Lucille Ball said “I’d rather regret the things I did then the things I didn’t.” Don’t regret. Do it. At the end of the day, when you’re on you’re deathbed you’re not going to cling to the time you felt “silly.” You’re going to instead think “We all die anyway. I should have just done it!”

This is the nuttiest story. It’s true, my entertainment attorney called me and said that “America’s Next Top Model” wanted me on as a makeup expert. He said that he needed me to send me a tape of all of my TV appearances. Here’s the deal. I had never been on TV. I had to get on TV. I knew I couldn’t get on TV in NYC or La. Why would they pick me when they had “real people” Clooney, Pitt or Sheen doing their morning show? They wouldn’t. I couldn’t win in this situation. I got on the phone. I cold called every smaller market.  I would be in my bedroom in West Hollywood and would call (for instance Dallas and I would lie.) I would tell every smaller media outlet I was HUGE and I was in their town and I was “supposed to do their morning show” once I got them to agree to a tape date I would fly out there. I’m no celebrity. I just made people think I was and I became it. Doing this stunt enough times lead me to a national show that I hosted and an Extra! National spot. It worked. I just filmed a show with Russel Brand, I created everything from nothing. Take the chance and you can too!

LOVE YOURSELF this is the be all and end all. First, please let me tell you that I love you, you’re amazing. This is a tough time right now. People are losing jobs and just generally their faith. There was a “happiness” study done that the “happiest people” hug. The “happiest people” can hug someone for 20 seconds (then a bond sets in) it produces an adrenaline charge that actually makes your brain-wave positive. So hug it out. You maybe adding life years.

Sometimes I mess up, Sometimes you mess up. It’s O.K. We are human and we’re allowed. Please comment why you’re amazing and what holds you back? Let’s get to awesome together.

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