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MyUS.comMissRo here! This is for all our International readers! How many times have we announced an Urban Decay sale and you can’t buy a thing, because they don’t ship outside the US. Well, that’s all going to change right now thanks to is the market leader in international package forwarding. They have been around since 1997 and move approximately 50,000 boxes each month through their facilities in Bradenton, Florida. They ship to more than 200 countries and territories globally! allows new members to sign up for their own U.S. address.  Existing members of the community use the secure site to monitor their own package traffic and to indicate their preference for sending a package as soon as it arrives, or consolidating several items to enjoy the best shipping rates.

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada and I can’t tell you how difficult it is to ship packages to friends and family. Or even when I’m visiting Toronto and I show my friends all the new makeup, shoes, or apparel that I have bought and they go online to buy, but they can’t! How frustrating is that! Sometimes US stores don’t even take international credit cards. Not an issue for, they’ll make the purchase for you! Yup, you heard right. They make the purchase through their paypal account and you pay them by credit card or wire transfer.

So, no need to fret our friends from overseas! Sign up for and you will never lose out on another Urban Decay sale again. Happy Shopping!

International readers, where do you live? And what brands have you tried to purchase and can’t because they don’t ship to your country?

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