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“It just don’t come no better then a Bear”-Lyle Lovett

Hey Bear,
I hope you’re not mad at me. I hope we can forget the whole “putting you to sleep.” Because I feel really awful and I know, I know it’s not about me. I put you to sleep we both know that’s a nice way of saying I ended your life, I am really torn up about it but I hope you would do the same for me. I mean it. When I can’t get up anymore and I can’t really see and dementia kicks in and I’m howling at night. Do it for me. Please.

I went to your place in Monetcito. When your dad and I got divorced it made sense for you to go with him. Quite frankly, he is rich. I am not. Spending your golden years next to Oprah seemed a lot better then spending them with me and a roomie with no yard.

I had you since I was 19 years old. People are mean and some asshole put you in a dumpster to be incinerated. I walked by the dumpster in Miami and heard you crying out. I wanted to walk by the dumpster but was afraid that you were a baby. I walked to the dumpster, took a deep breathe, and then there was a perfect puppy. I am not ready to be a human mom. I wasn’t really ready to be a four week old dog mom. Sometimes we rise to the challenge.
We lived together for 14 years. You went with Jason (the rich one) for the last two. You brought love loyalty and excitement to my life. Everytime I walked in the door you made me feel like a Beatle.

Please do not buy a dog. Please don’t-there are so many great dogs waiting and hoping for a home. I got my friend Bear out of a dumpster! She knew I rescued her and she spent every day making me feel appreciated for saving her life-THEY KNOW!
Tonight I go to sleep and I miss my very good friend. She has been there for me through thick and thin and I know we’ll see each other again. Seeing my ex-husband wasn’t even strange. We were her parents and he held her with me and cried. He cried because he is good and his heart is pure and whatever relationship bullshit we created=he put it away for Bear.

So please hug your dog tonight. It hurts so much when they leave us. PLEASE check-out Petfinder to get your new family member. Why buy a dog? Wouldn’t you want your own one of a kind original?

Lyle says “It just don’t come no better then a Bear.” I agree.

Are you an animal lover? Tell us why! Who has a Bear? There has to be someone!

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