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We listened to all of your suggestions to make Meg’s Makeup better to serve you! I just unlocked the attic and let Husbandofmeg out. HOM had not seen the sun or been fed in a while but he did complete more nerd work so he got the afternoon off. What have I had him slaving away on?

Add the city and zip where you live, this way if you and another gloss addict (or replace gloss with cream, mascara, etc) find each other, you can set up a meet and greet at your local Sephora or Ultra or groovy bar.

You’ll have the actual product post delivered to your inbox, cuts down on the annoying clicking for you!

Want to add a comment on an old post but afraid it will be like a tree in the forest or something that noone hears make a sound or something like that? Well, fear no more! On the right side all of the threads are being kept current! Same thing if you add a new product to your profile page! Let the world know!

Leave nice messages for your fellow makeup junkie! Yup, you can keep a conversation going! Everyone likes nice messages!

Add more pictures! This is self-explanatory, better to stalk, um, get to know with more photo’s!

So, yes, Virginia there is not a Santa Claus but there is a pale, hungry man locked away working for your love! HOM only got a day pass break so please keep the suggestions coming and give me feedback! He just loves to keep busy. Don’t hesitate to let Husbandofmeg know if anyone has log-in issues. That’s what he’s here for!

Thanks For All of Your Suggestions! I hear everyone!! Love-xoxo, Meg

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