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Meg here! How many times have you heard “you know who you look like?” I have heard it a bunch in my life and usually I don’t want to know the answer. When I was younger and my hair was short and dark I used to always get Winona Ryder. I never minded that one. I wasn’t that crazy to hear the comparisons to Shelly Duvall or the time I was told I looked “just like” Frances McDormand.

I usually refrain from telling someone that they look like someone because no matter who it is Usually the person you think you’re paying a compliment to can find fault. it’s just best not to go there. On Megsmakeup we ask what celebrity do you get told you look like. I think it’s O.K. to ask if you’re the one that gets to answer.

I was headed to Solero’s house Friday to hang out with her and her roommate Katerina. Now, Katerina Moutsatsos is obviously a very beautiful girl. She’s on the cover of Greek Cosmo this month so I don’t think she’s going to be insecure about her looks. So the conversation went like this…

Meg: Katerina, you know who I think you look like (as I was looking at the Claudia Schiffer picture above)?

Normally when you tell someone they look like a supermodel you feel like you’re on safe ground. No such luck. Then I have…

Solero: pipes up: Ugh, she’s awful looking, I don’t think so.

So see? You really can’t win when you play “you know who you look like” game. I’m sitting with my friend Brian as I type this and he just told me it happens to guys too. Brian was sitting in Elaine’s restaurant in New York 1996 when he met Elizabeth Taylor. She looked at him and said “You look just like a young Orson Welles.” He looked at her horrified picturing the fat Orson Welles. I googled “young Orson Wells” and just showed Brian. It’s actually not that bad.

I’m guilty of it and I’m really going to stop telling people who they look like because even if it’s one of the most beautiful women on earth you’re still going to get some static.

Spill it! What was your most flattering and what was your worst resemblance?

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