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Meg here and I want to share with you a pretty powerful statement “I have long since come to believe that people never mean half of what they say, and that it is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions.”-Dorothy Day

In my own experience a truer bell never rang. I have a gazillion friends. I’m not bragging, I just know a lot of people. I “know” thousands of them, if I were in trouble, if I needed help-If I were desperate I KNOW 5 that I could call on to help me through. Life is like that, we outreach and we network but we only need 5.

Some would argue 3 but I like 5 in the case 2 are busy.

Yesterday, I had a huge crisis and I am lucky, I had at least 15 friends email me their support. It’s not a private matter-and I was devastated-yet the out-pouring of love and support and affection propelled me forward.

Actions do speak louder then words. Look at your actions and appreciate yourself. Bring an unrequested dinner to a family in the throes of a funeral? Not ask “What can I do?” but just take it upon yourself to do it.

We, as women are amazing. We are the most compassionate people on the planet. We nurture and love and support each other. A friend drops their plans when you’re in trouble, shares joy in your accomplishments, feels sad when you’re in pain. A friend encourages your dreams and offers advice–but when you don’t follow it, they still respect and love you.-“Doris Helmering

Thank all of you for being my friend. Thank-you for letting me have insight into your lives and thoughts. You really enrich me and I enjoy having a glimpse into your day-to-day.

We love makeup and gloss and most importantly-We support each other!
I LOVE to lurk and see how encouraging all of you ladies are. We need to do that more. WE NEED to fight the stereotype that all women hate each other.

DO SOMETHING GOOD!  It will make you feel better then it does for the person that is lucky enough to be at the receiving end. Just a “How are you” email may be the pick-me-up someone needs to feel loved and motivated!

So come on, just take 5 minutes and pay it forward, the karma Gods will reward you. I’m saying this as someone that has been so lucky to have goodwill sent to me. It has made all the difference!

Let us know what you’ve decided to do to inspire others to do something kind as well! Even a sweet email does not go unappreciated!

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