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powderroomMeg here! I’m not going to argue about the validity of the U.K.’s Telegraph article. They were publishing the results of a study on women’s preening. It seems feasible, the next result brought me to The Daily Mail’s claim that we “spend three years getting ready to leave the house.”

The average women has 437 items in her powder room. That’s average, if you’re a fan of I’ll see your 437 and raise you another 100. All of a sudden 3,276 hours seems downright speedy.

As some of you know, I was away from home for about a month. I came back to boxes upon boxes of product to review and mail out to Meg Heads. It took hours just to catalog what came in. Disclaimer-This next sentence is going to make me sound like a total ingrate. Bracing for the “tough life” comments. This latest shipment stressed me out a little. Why? Well, there are a lot of new products that came my way (don’t worry-coming your way too) and some of them require MORE STEPS!?!

Seriously? I exfoliate, I deep clean, then I serum and add night moisturizer and yes, I’ll add the separate eye cream. Wake-up, cleanse, tone, day moisturizer, prime my face. Separate primer for eyes, sunscreen, pluck any unsightly hairs, foundation, concealer, under-eye concealer, line eyes with pencil, blend the pencil line with angled brush that has been dipped in matching powder to pencil liner. That liner bit is just for the under eye. Pick two shadow colors for the eye lid-usually a neutral palette if day-time. Blend! Blend! Grab my liquid liner pen for the lid lash line. Then back to the angled brush to go over the line with the coordinating powder color. Add eyelash primer, apply mascara. Fill in eyebrows. Grab my bronzer. Sweeping at the hairline I draw a line across and Blend! Blend! I then add to tip of my nose, my chin, side of my face and try to look “sun-kissed.” Grab blush. Apply to apples of cheeks. Lips? Prime, line, grab lipstick or stain and apply. Then I usually top off with gloss…

Don’t even get me started on the body and hair preparation. Hot date? Just forward my mail to the bathroom.

Is this vanity? Well, duh. But, it’s necessary vanity and obviously I’m not alone. I wish there was some sort of Jetson type of tube I could just pop myself into and hit a few space age buttons and be done already. I thought we were close to that. We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t patch a hole in a pipe in the Gulf. My Jetson get insta-ready tube maybe further away then I originally thought.

Men aren’t keeping us back by keeping us barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. We’re not in the kitchen anymore, just barefoot and covered in potions staring at our reflections over the sink.

The Telegraph article goes on to say “Women spend 136 days of their lives getting ready for a night out-enough time for an astronaut to fly to the moon and back 22 times.” The moon? O.K. This brings me to my next problem SPACE!

I need help with this one ladies, forget about my precious time (it’s really not that precious-I waste it a lot) let’s talk space. I’m bursting at the seams over here. I take a deep breathe every time I open and close my medicine cabinet. It’s like mortal combat, I have to prepare myself to take cover if just one bottle tips. It’s a house of cards!

I’m devoting this week to organization and becoming more time efficient. I think half the time that’s wasted in my “getting gorgeous” routine is looking for stuff.

Help a sistah out! How long does it take you to get primped? How do you store all of your “must-haves” Please fill me in on your tricks to look like a million bucks without spending thousands of hours?

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