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witch hazelMissRo here! One of my favorite products in the whole wide world is Witch Hazel. I have been using it for years as a toner. But, did you know that you can use it for so much more!

When you look up witch hazel on Wikipedia there are two entries. One is about the plant, Hamamelis. The other is about the extract from the bark and leaves of the plant which is made into the astringent.

I have used the astringent for treating pimples, which usually clear up in a matter of days. In the summer time, especially when I go camping and get a lot of mosquito bites, I break out the Witch Hazel!

You can also use it to refresh tired eyes. You make a cold compress with witch hazel, close your eyes, and put the compress over your eyes. Very soothing, refreshing, and takes away the redness. For under eye bags, many women have secretly used Preparation H for years. I know, sounds gross because it’s hemorrhoid cream, but Preparation H has witch hazel in it! So, it helps to tighten the skin and reduce the puffiness.

For all you new moms out there, Witch Hazel is great to clear up diaper rash. Just take a cotton ball or pad, put a good amount of Witch Hazel on it and wipe it over the area. In a matter of minutes you should see a significant difference with the rash.

Also, it’s the best thing to treat sunburns with. So, instead of all the “after-sun” lotions, you can either spray it directly on the sunburn or do a cold compress, like we said earlier with refreshing tired eyes.

The list goes on about all the different uses for Witch Hazel. From soothing poison ivy, to treating chicken pox, to relieving dry skin, the possibilities are endless.

Have you ever used Witch Hazel? And if so, what for?

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