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Kate here, So when I “appointed myself” judge of the Miss DD pageant 2008 –I was totally kidding. Just a shot in the dark. Then Meg said, “No. For Real. I can’t pick! Help me, Kate!” So then the writing of my Saturday’s at Sephora Column went by the wayside because I was reading and rereading all of your fabulous submissions. And Meg and I THOUGHT we had it all sorted out. Then I’m watching Season 1 of Sex & the City this evening (Sunday) minding my own business when the house phone rings. (I’m living at home this summer. Between college and grad school. It’s fine. Boring, but fine). It’s 10 pm. My mom’s already asleep, she goes to bed early. I figured it was my dad anyways, stuck in New York at the airport or something…. then my mom yells up the stairs. “Its for you! It’s Megan, or someone.” Megan? I already talked to Megan today! Oh wait, Megan Makeup Megan! Oh my lord, Meg called my parents’ house. Woke my mom up. She was in a panic—she couldn’t pick! There were too many! We spent a good 45 minutes deliberating with each other, checking posts, reading profiles, et cetera. And I think we’ve come up with some great stuff!

Meg here, my apologies to Mrs. Groves… I thought that line just rung to Katie’s bedroom, but I was in a tizzy!

I knew our ladies were witty, eloquent and engaging~but for the love of God! Most of your write better then I do! This was not an easy decision. Not at all. There have been a bunch of changes over here and if I am not going to not utilize all of this genius talent~then what a true shame. I’d have to be an idiot to not give these Amazing Voices an audience. Here is what Kate and I have come up with. If you have been selected but do not want the job email me and I will choose another submission. If you were not picked in this round please email me your screen name, real name and address and I want to gift you just for trying out! I really am blown away and love you women! You’re brilliant and your brilliance has made one winner impossible!

Champ3377 Welcome! As our new Drugstore Deal scribe we are thrilled to have you! Your humor, dedication and true efort has made us love you! CONGRATS!

Sweetassgal Please say “Yes!” to being our every Tuesday Green Chi writer! We’ll send you out the naturals~The ability to be so knowledgable and produce guffaws is a rare gem! We hope you’ll join the team!

Jeanasine, we realized that we don’t have a “body guru” We’ll send exfoliators, cellulite cream, lotion~As an incredible 60-year-old No way!!! We figured that your life beauty experience would be perfect for keeping our skin as baby smooth as yours looks! You’re every other Wednesday column Body Beautiful will alternate with….

Katehrm777, who we hope, will accept as our new Hump Day Hair Day Wednesdays! resource. Girl, you are funny! Plus you have gleaming locks but say your hair is curly with split ends. We’ll send you the remedies. Can we count on you to report on them 2x a month?

Mjsred, we’ve had many conversations you “claim” you’re a Grandma. I’m still hesitant to believe you but, who am I to call a member a liar? O.K. LIAR I kid, I know you’re really a grammy but..Damn girl!! You say your retired and only have time to…pole dance! You’re so in! That is why, I hope, you’ll accept as our every other Sunday writer on Goddess Granny We’ll send the anti-aging claims, you take your pole dancing self and let us know if it’s true! You’ll be sharing the bi-monthly column with…

Xstatic817, We were really impressed with Xstatics profile products! Exotic and she seems to have a love of the fantasy and obscure, hard-to-find sexy items with a great, witty twist. We hope Xstatic will do a column every other Sunday called Xstatic Xplores the Xotic and get some really different items off to you to test!

Listen, this wasn’t an easy task. If you weren’t chosen for this round you’re still in the running If you leave enough brilliant comments I will create a column for you which entalis getting tons of free, great items so keep the brilliance coming!!

I didn’t cry at Beaches, I’ll admit I did have a tear escape during Thelma and Louise. I’m not that great at being vulnerable or emotional or feeling like I’m letting myself open for weakness or rejection. There’s a real sense of safety and anonymity behind what I do because I type by myself on a computer. I wanted to let you all know that you’ve all changed my life. I’m starting to not worry so much if I’ve shared TMI or if I do look vulnerable or if, hey, I did act “strange.”. I just really, from the bottom of my heart wanted to say Thank-you you know what? What the Hell, I Love You!
All of your stories, thoughts, passions and encouragement make me so proud to have I can’t thank-you all enough!

Wish Congrats to our new family members! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH~Meg!

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