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bathmittMeg here! They say that moving is as stressful to a person as when a death occurs. If this is true then it makes perfect sense that I would compound this situation by moving on the hottest day on record in Los Angeles. Yup, I packed my stuff, met the movers and got down to business! All in 114 degrees. Yes, you read that right. After I unpacked I felt like I was going to faint so I took the day off. I was only going down the street but I felt like I had crossed the Sahara! I realized that I have a few winners to announce and there are a few company specials going on so let’s get to it!

Classified Cosmetics 50/50 Promotion! Huge savings! The spray-on weightless full coverage foundation that What Not To Wear’s Carmindy swears is the best on the market-Classified Cosmetics ERA spray is having a HUGE SALE! Everyday 2 ERA Face Shades are going to be featured and the first 50 callers get 50% OFF and FREE SHIPPING! Callers 51+ get 25% OFF! U.S. Only. No retail accounts and maximum is 6 cans per order Todays Shades Are R2 and Y5. Monday was R4 and Y7 Classified Cosmetics will honor Monday’s Deal with “Megsmakeup” mention (they were very understanding that I was passed out from the heat) Here is the weeks sale schedule so make sure that you find your shade and don’t miss it!
Wednesday Y3 & R6
Thursday    Y1 & R9
Friday        R8 & R10

TOLL FREE 10am-4pm 866.ERA.FACE/866.372.3223

Circle Of Friends Free Bath Mitt! Free shipping for orders of $20 or more and add a free adorable Duck Mitt with Code:BATHMITT-Add the mitt to your order then apply the code!

GoSmile  Get 15% with Code Meg 15!

Winner Of Chanel Paradoxal Nailpolish! Congratulations Karen726!

Winner Of Urban Decay’s New Eyelash Collection! Congratulations Linda9861!

Winner of GoSmile Green Apple Toothpaste and Speed Whitening System! Congratulations nbomski

Congratulations to our winers and be sure to check out some of the sales! New contest! Giving away an Invicible Scar Treatment! To win this scar disappearing treatment, a favorite among top beauty mags (hi! Allure!) All you have to do is tell us What scar do you want to be rid of? Best story wins!

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