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winnerMissRo here again! Wow, twice in one day! That just means we’re super busy here at Megsmakeup.

Without further ado, the winner is Brooklyn007! Yay! I was really moved by her story. From her job at that Environmental company, to what happened to her skin after, to having the reactions to different products, and then finally not even being comfortable going to the beach, she certainly deserves this product. For everyone that has not read Brooklyn007’s entry, check it out below.

Miss Brooklyn007, please email me at – with your full name, address, and a picture of yourself. This way I can match the best tone to your skin. Again, congrats for winning!

Tue, 10/13/2009 – 7:41am

My skin has definitely seen better days. In 2005, I started a job at an environmental company. (It has nothing to do with my degrees; it was an open job, and they hired me.) Anyhow, I had to take air samples at asbestos and lead removal sites. The job sites were often filthy. However, the worst part, was that I had to wear a respirator in order to take samples in contaminated areas. I was fine for a couple of years, but then I started to get REALLY irritated in the areas where the mask and straps touched my face. My chin was a mess–I had to be careful when I smiled/ate/yawned so the irrited skin didn’t break open and bleed or ooze. It seemed more like major chafing than acne breakouts. While wearing the mask, a lot of condensation builds up on the inside, then the mask would rub when I moved my head around. My face was so sore/scabby/scarred. Oh, It was great when people asked me, “What’s wrong with your face?” … Yeah, people actually did that.Some miracle helped my skin clear up to a tolerable level for my wedding (Oct 2008)! Thank you, God! After that, though, the bad continued. I was looking for other work, too, but I couldn’t find it. This past spring, I finally quit that job because I needed the time to finish my graduate degree! I thought I’d be able to finally get my skin back in shape. Unfortunately, I had an EVIL reaction to Juice Beauty, then another to Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. Is my face more sensitive now!?My chin has cleared up pretty well, including the scars, but my cheeks are still a complete mess. It still takes me 20-45 minutes “to put on my face” in order to leave the house (that’s not even a full face of makeup). I won’t even go running or to hot yoga without a crazy amount of foundation. There are days when I cry and don’t want to leave my house because no matter how much I do, my scars still show through. I live by the ocean, but refused to go to the beach this year because I didn’t want my makup to come off. I try to wear my hair down often so I can hide my face. I hate being in bright lights or natural light. Shadows and dim light please!In addition to all of this, my skin tone is hard to match. In less than 6 months, I’ve used Everyday Minerals, Smashbox, MAC, Chanel, & Shiseido. I’m right back to EM! I thought the Olive Medium was looking weird on me, but it looks better than the others. My scars are still VERY evident, though. I’m currently using glycolic facial cleanser, Kinerase, retinol, and hydroquinone. I hope it will help to fade my horrible scars. My husband is always upset with me when I’m running late, but sometimes I just can’t get my concealer right. (Of course, my hair causes some lateness, as well! :))I will have to say that it feels “comforting” (I don’t think that’s the right word, but it’s all that I can think of now) that I’m not the only one with skin issues that make me want to stay boxed up in my house. I hope we all can find a solution!!!

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