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Meg here! I love to bring pretty bottles of sparkly wine to my girlfriends house. Once in a while I’ll even bring it full!Kiss

Sure,sure-you have the Veuve and the run of the mill Santa Margherita. Those are my two go-to’s until I discovered an amazing winestore when I was in Charlotte!  Liquor stores skeeve me out a little bit. I don’t want the guy behind the cash register in front of the Jugs magazine rack’s help. Especially when he’s just staring at my rack. Plus, I don’t know what Bud is going to know about something sparkly, pink, fun and under $20!
Here is where the whole world wide web thing is just so great! I mean yeah, you can get information and communicate with long-lost friends! BUT NOW YOU CAN get something sparkly, pink, fun and under $20! No Bud conversations needed!

What cool about WINESTORE (there’s 2 in Charlotte) is it is so light and hip and PINK and easy to navigate. The wines are in categories in the store. Not by the stuffy region! By the hysterical ocassion! Want a cheapie bottle? Well, visit the wall under “Loose Change” want a pricey impressive ass-kissy bottle? Visit the “Tax Refund” section. My favorite section is Girls Night Out or Break-UP! I mean doesn’t that make much more sense then having headings like “Rhone?” So they’ve made it so you can get a nice bottle for as little as $4.99-Pretty Good! Less then a Revlon eyeshadow and may just lead to more fun! Kiss

Also, I love the function of the search bar they have-you can do it by price , event and what type (rose, red, white) and even what food you want to pair it with? That’s so much better then Bud in front of Barely Legal! All you have to do is hit Browse and it does all the work for you!

In Charlotte, my recommended Gloria Ferrer Blanc Noir was a huge HIT! I was the only one that brought that delish and decadent looking bottle and I was tres chic! I ordered online from
two of the Gloria for my girlfriends birthday! She called to thank me and wanted to know where I had ordered them from because she said thay were gorgeous wrapped in a fabulous hot pink cloth type of material and she wanted to order some for her mother!
So, I figure if I was so impressed by this store, and my friend was so impressed-well I wanted to turn you ladies on to it. It’s really woman friendly and fun. One of the owners-Matthew Hartley said “We just wanted to make shopping for wine as fun as it is drinking it!”   
If he had managed to fit the words “Gloss” or “Stiletto” into that sentence then it’s pretty safe to say he would have crashed the servers of his online store! I’ll drink to that! You’re going to end up spending a long time clicking around on his site, tons of unique brands I’ve never seen before! The customer service is top-notch (must be that Southern Hospitality that everyone refers to!) I strongly suggest you mosey on over and become the coolest guest at the cocktail party!

What do you ladies think of this site? Don’t you think it makes sense for winestores to have an inviting feel for women? I mean, let’s face it? My Ex was fine with his beer!   

Check it Out Here!

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