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Meg here! When we had our writers retreat weekend we really needed it to be somewhere fun and fabulous and a quick ride to several wineries! When Megken had a film in the San Louis Obispo film festival he let me have his goodybag. Inside the bag were a bunch of cool things but I zoomed right in on a round package that read Wine Wipes. You know I like my red wines, or as I call it “fight in a bottle.”  Teeth become more porous after drinking red wine and dentists do not recommend brushing your teeth right after a lot of red.

I popped the wine wipes right in my purse and thought how genius! Red wine can leave my teeth with a wonderful purple hue. Purple hues are great for fall! Just not on your teeth. After a night of many pinot noirs  I put my Wine Wipes to the test. They have an easy screw off top and inside are moist round wipes, there is a mirror on the inside cover for easy navigation. The wipes are comprised of a citrus scent and made up of stain-removing and teeth protecting ingredients. One swipe and the nasty wine film is all gone and you’re good to go!

I contacted Kimberly once we figured out we would be staying in San Louis Obispo. We had a lot of wine tastings ahead at the Donati Vineyard and I knew that the ladies would love to have Wine Wipes in their purses. None of our glamorous gang would want to have grape stained grins! We had pictures to take! Kiss

Not only did Kimberly hook us up with the Wine Wipes-she invited us to come to her beautiful Granada Bistro to have some vino and put our wine wipes to the test. The Granada Bistro was something out of an old Parisian movie. It’s a small sexy little wine and tapas bistro. It really is the perfect venue to meet up with your girls or have a romantic interlude.

Watch the video and let us know what you think of wine wipes! We love them!

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