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meguggsMeg here! Fashion Week LA just ended and AOL Stylelist tapped your very own Meg to cover it. My personal fashion sense is something I like to call “Granny Chic.” My favorite brands in the entire world are #1 Chanel. #2 St. Johns and tied for #3 for the 3 way tie would be Tory Burch, Marchesa and Herve Leger. There’s a better chance of you seeing Jesus then seeing me in flip-flops and sweatpants with the word “Juicy” emblazoned across the back of my hiney.

However, I was asked to cover Richie Sambora (you know him-Bon Jovi) and his fashion line “White Trash Beautiful.” I only have the last word of that sentence in my closet and I said “Granny Chic” not “Garage Band Chic.” I knew every rocker and their groupie would be out that night in full force. I knew that covering the red carpet means you have to stand out. You really do. There’s a line of journalists and then some aggressive paps all aiming to get the quotes. If you can’t get the celebrities to stop and talk to you then you’re dead in the water.

I decided since I could not join them in “rock and roll clothes.” I would join the music theme and go with the look I stand behind when Granny Chic is not an option. There was only one option for me to go with. That option was side-show spectacle freak! A.K.A my hero-The Lady Gaga

I went into my closet with a mission. I had a mental (mental is the word here Kiss.) List. It was freezing out, I had to be not only attention grabbing but warm. I know that celebs take their sweet ass time talking to anyone. Why? Because they CAN! Being outside in the rain meant a hair-do was not an option. I grabbed my flower/antennae like headband and stuck it over my slicked back ponytail. I layered a warm, long sweater with a professional half-jacket blazer. I grabbed my snakeskin silver looking leggings and pulled them on for warmth. Shoes? What could I wear that would scream “fashion” but wouldn’t make my tootsies bleed after an hour? I grabbed my silver Whooga’s

Did celebrities talk to me? Of course. They figured anyone wearing that mish-mash with a satellite on their skull had to be…someone? I mean who in their right mind leaves the house in a get-up like that? Who would think such an outfit was appropriate unless it were someone just so comfortable in their stellar reputation and hand-picked part in some exclusive society? Ha-Ha Suckers! It was just little ole’ me feeling a little silly but laughing all the way to front page fashion news! The lesson to learn is this…Being vanilla gets you a whole lotta non-flavor. Big risks can equal big returns and thanks to myWhooga’s I felt like I was just comfortably at home in my night slippers.

My Whooga’s let me walk the dog in comfort and they let me interview the “fabulous” in style. The other women that had the same job I did were cringing in pain after 30 minutes in their stiletto’s.

I found a site called Whooga Boots. They’re giving away a free pair! All you have to do is follow them on Twitter where they’re randomly picking winners. You can see that women really are winning by just looking at all of the addresses that they’re requesting on their twitter feed. Another way to win a pair is to sign up to their newsletter.

I was comfortable and was able to work stylishly. I mean, I was there representing one of the largest fashion sites on the web. If I felt comfortable wearing silver Uggs there then I really think I could wear them anywhere! “Well, very nice to meet you Queen Elizabeth.” Oh, please. As if she’s not out wearing them running the corgie’s around!

If you can’t wait to win and need a fall staple at a savings then just enter in CODE 674MEGS for 10% off. It’s good until November 3rd.

So tell us! Have you ever risked playing the fool to reap the rewards? I swear, I live in my Uggs. Who else does?

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