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Meg here! I’m going to let all of you ladies know about a really amazing organization! The Glamour Gals Foundation! Once you hear their mission I think you’re all going to love it! I mean, even just from a purely selfish point of view. Benjamin Buttons was just a movie people! You have to give that hope up and accept it! All of us, we’re going to get old. Here’s a silver lining with the Glamour Gals Organization…“foster intergenerational relationships between teen girls and elderly women living in senior homes through monthly facials and makeovers”.

I’m not a kid person, I am an elderly fan. I would only have a baby if it could be like the Mork and Mindy episode where they have a baby and it’s senior Jonathan Winters.

In high school I worked in activities at a nursing home and I loved it! Kids may say the darndest things. I’ve found once most woman hit upwards of 95 they don’t give a damn and say the most hysterical.

When I had that job was in trouble with the nursing home administration all the time. My dad owned a liquour store and I didn’t drink. I was 15 years old but thought my nursing home ladies would like a wine and cheese afternoon. My dad gave me a few bottles of wine and I bought the cheese and the women were so happy! I didn’t even realize I was doing anything wrong. In my head, I just thought since they were of drinking age what could be the problem?

The ladies had a ball! The head administrator nearly skinned me alive. I guess I didn’t think about what could happen with some of their meds and mixing wine. Yeah, everyone was A-OK and chipper. I was put on probation because of the lawsuits (aka deaths!) I could have caused.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!Kiss

I came up with a bunch of other fun things we could do that didn’t give the Nurses panic attacks and was more exciting then watching “Sister Act” in the activity room. FYI-Elderly People LOVED Sister Act-however this was 15 years ago.

The biggest hit of an activity I had was “Make-up & Manicures” The women Loved and were Thrilled to have their nails painted and show each other their beauty products! I know, seriously, it’s like looking into a crystal ball!

Teenage girls volunteer bringing beauty into these nursing homes! In 2000 a 17 year old Rachel Doyle started this charity as a tribute to her grandmother.  She successfully spearheaded this effort into the success it is today. Whippersnapper!

Friday, May 15th-If you live in New York you should check out the great fundraiser win fabulous raffles and prizes Glamour Gals is having..Haute Pink Luncheon and Glamour In The City

I think that we really need to show our support to these angels! When I’m in the nursing home I hope some little ninny will bring me lots of wine (die happy.) If not..Please! Someone, paint my nails and stick false eyelashes on me! Women live longer then men. Do you know how competetive it is to get a guy that lives at the home. It’s scary stuff. I’ve seen it firsthand!
Is getting in touch with these women to see how we can further help!

I can’t be the only one that this gives hope to! What do you ladies think?


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