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Meg here, I know other people’s dirty laundry shouldn’t be so fun to air, when it’s Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce though, It’s pretty darn fun.

“We never had sex, She sleeps slathered in $1,000 jars of cream and sleeps in a plastic body bag to prevent aging! Her pesonal trainer lives with us and she trains 2 hours a day 6 days a week!”

He said that I looked like a granny next to my back-up dancers!”

I’m not condoning Guy for calling her a granny or anything but Jeez. Plastic body bag? Slathered Every night in $1,000 creams. Yikes, I use my night ritual as faithfully as I can but when has it gone too far?

At what point do you just say “I’m fifty, I’m a huge icon. I have a boatload of money. I’m going to take a flippin’ night off and eat this Chunky Monkey icecream. Next, I’ll have some doritos and not wash my face and fall asleep.” Then, if you’re husband is being an ass and calls you a granny you flip him off and put on Conan.

I’ve had this argument before, a friend of mine told me after 30yrs. old a women shouldn’t wear short skirts. I’m 32, my legs have hung in there. I’m wearing my short skirts when I feel like it. On the other side of the coin, you should see some of the 45 yr. old women in Beverly Hills. It’s like they never got the memo that wearing a pink mid-riff shirt and tight, hot pink sweatpants with the words “Juicy” written in rhinestones on their ass isn’t a good look to be sporting out at lunch.

I’m all for Mommy and Me. I think that’s a class you take with your kids. I don’t think it’s an answer to the question “Do you have a bib top?”

It’s just like they’re hanging on to inappropriate fashion as a desperate measure to hang onto youth. In Madonna’s last “Sticky and Sweet” tour she does look a little ridiculous all veiny and buff and rolling around in a leather corset. Pass the torch. Enjoy your success. Relax lady.

Madonna is the Queen of Pop. As my gay friends say “There’s nothing sadder then an Old Queen that can’t let it go.”

Alright, let me have it. What do you ladies think? Am I being too harsh on the young at heart set?

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