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shoppingcartBabyLove here!  The joy of the holiday season is bearing down on me, and I’m suffocating.  I started shopping the first week of November, and honestly, I’m not even close to being done.  I feel like I have a whole bunch of small pieces to each gift, but I haven’t been able to put together the entire puzzle.

Two weeks ago, I went shopping with my friend and her sister to Toys R Us.  We split up, did our shopping, and got back together at the checkout lines. Both of their carts were full of all sorts of great ideas, and I looked through them with envy.  My cart was full of cars, and transformers, and theirs were full of magical toys that I never even considered buying.  Even my mother picks out better toys for my kids than I do.  I used to think that it was because I wasn’t creative, but I think it’s worse than that, I think I’m boring.

I thought back over the past few years, and it turns out, I’m constantly giving the same lame gifts year after year.  For example, my mother gets sweaters and jeans, my in-laws get airline vouchers, my nieces and nephews get Visa gift cards, and my sister gets something that I look at and longingly wish to wear, but will never be able to.  I usually throw a pair of pajamas and slippers into the mix, but never stray too far from the “list.”  I love good ideas and neat gifts, but the thought of buying something that someone doesn’t like really stresses me out.  Unless I’m given specific instructions about a make, model number, and color of something someone has their eye on, I pace the aisles of stores in complete panic.  So, once I find a good fit for someone, they should expect to receive that gift in an assortment of colors for the remainder of their lifetime.

I think that once old enough to know the truth about Santa, everyone should have to register for the gifts they want no matter what holiday and/or special occasion.  My life would be so easy if I could go into any Gap, print out a list, and purchase exactly what my 14 year old niece wants.  Screw that saying, “It’s the thought that counts.”  I’m almost positive that’s not what my husband is thinking when he opens his bathrobe year after year.  Wouldn’t it be perfect if I knew what William’s preschool teacher wanted since I just assume year after year that she drinks coffee and really loves Yankee Candles?  The pressure of the holiday season would be off my shoulders just knowing that I got everyone just what they wanted.

I’m super interested in the unique gifts, beauty or not, that all you megheads pick up for the holidays.  What makes you a good gift giver, and how can you help me become one?  I still won’t be original, since I’ll be stealing all of your ideas, but at least I won’t be so humdrum that I can’t stand myself.

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