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Meg here! How many of you ventured out into your own Fashion Night Out? Being in New York, and it kind of being my gig, I hit the pavement. Last night the streets were full of shoppers ready for some after hour’s late night retail therapy for Fashion’s Night Out’s 3rd anniversary. Fashion Night out is an evening where designer’s and celebrities mix and mingle with their fashion fans in a celebration of all things style.

This year over 250 cities participated and over 1,000 retailers just in New York City. I definitely could feel the over 1,000 retailer’s in the city. There were so many people out on the streets last night it was like a couture Mardi-Gras. If you replace beads with Chanel quilted handbags of course.

Of course, New York had the star effect, Justin Beiber was holding court at Dolce & Gabbana. He was holding court as much as one can at any fashion event until the mother of all fashion, Vogue Magazine and Miss Fashion Week herself Anna Wintour arrived. They made polite conversation and posed for the paparazzi bulbs. I’m sure Anna was amused by the deafening teenage girl screams. She seems like she likes children as much as I do. We’re both all warm and fuzzy like that.

I told my dear yet swanky friend Kevin that I would meet him at Kenneth Cole’s Soho store. It seemed easy enough. I was only a few blocks away on Spring Street. Everything was going smoothly until I approached what I figured must be a Presidential Security set-up. The street was all but closed off and fans were screaming. The President? Please. It was Kim Kardashian in town to celebrate her store Dash with her own Fashion Night Out Party. It’s no party unless you can somehow incorporate “The Jersey Shore.” Check that off the list. Kardashian had the show’s Pauly D spinning the tunes. There was no way Kevin could be upset that I was running a few minutes late. I had to completely circumnavigate my entire route…In high heels. Damn you reality TV Stars! Damn you! When I say “damn you” I mean “I am so jealous I am every shade of green you rich and famous freaks!” Wink

I made my way through mobs of fans and shortly reached Kenneth Cole’s Soho store. Still crowded and with a line outside, this crowd was thankfully more tame than tween. DJ M.O.S. spun the music as guests waited for Kenneth Cole to arrive. Guests mingled over fruity cocktails and nibbled on snacks while waiting for the rock band Parachute to perform.

Once Kenneth Cole arrived, he made his way to his Fashion Night Out press board to take photo’s with his fans. Before he entered his party, I had to ask him: “What does he want to inspire in his consumer with his Fashion Night Out Party?”

Cole replied “Just that getting dressed can be fun and that shopping is a social, engaging experience.” He continued. “Doing what you like to do is alright.”

With that, Kenneth Cole entered into his Soho party about to make his above statement come to life.

Did any of you venture out into the shopper’s madness that was Fashion’s Night Out? Where? Do tell!


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