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Sergeant Josie Friday here (AKA sweetassgal) to get all Dragnet on this columns ass!  No…Dragnet is not some kind of Queen in fishnet stockings…it was a TV show in the 50’s in which its protagonist asked “Just the facts, Ma’am”.  Well, I figured it was time I did the same when it comes to natural and organic beauty products here on Megs. 
It occurred to me yesterday (thanks Jess182 for pointing this out) how easily we can be duped when it comes to green products.  In our zest to simplify our beauty ingredients while simultaneously doing something great for our earth we can sometimes overlook what REALLY constitutes natural and organic.  Because lets face it…’shrooms and peyote are both natural…doesn’t mean I want them in my face cream!  At least not if I want to wind up looking like I’m living Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Hint girls…NEVER put on makeup when you are intoxicated because I did once and thought I looked like one hot mama when I left the house.  We took pictures that night and suffice to say I was more HOT MESS than HOT MAMA!  HELLO make up police…guilty of makeuping under the influence of Grey Goose!  WOOWOOWOOWOO!!! (that’s my little siren sound in case you were wondering!).
So how do we go wrong?  Well, let’s start by informing everyone that there are very few restrictions on the words natural or organic.  ONE ingredient in the product can be either Nat or Org and they can put in on the package as a marketing spin.  The government simply doesn’t regulate it for marketing purposes.  That said its buyer beware and KNOW what to look for.  For instance…the Alba Sunscreen I reviewed DOES have Organic Lavender, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, etc hence the name Organic Lavender Sunscreen.  The lavender and other parts are organic, the sunscreen part not so much.  But you can see how misleading that can be and if you were out for a quick shop like I was it would entice you to snatch it up thinking you were making a completely organic choice.  It’s still a much better choice than standard sunscreens but it is NOT certified organic or 100% natural.  So what is you may ask?  Well…here are “Just the facts, ma’am”!
#1 – As previously stated an item can have ONE natural and/or organic item in it and put that on the label.  READ, READ, READ.
#2 – There are levels of TRUE certified organics which are USDA specified.  They are…100% Organic (made up entirely of organic materials only), Organic (up to 95% certified) and Made with Organic Ingredients (up to 70% of the ingredients).  Look for the certified USDA organic label on domestic items. 
#3 – Look for items that have N&O properties but DON’T stop there!  Also check to see that they aren’t made with key chemicals such as glycols (especially propylene which is a kin to antifreeze), toluene and formaldehyde (yes the stuff they embalm dead people with), the two L’s (lauryl/laureth sulfate), the three P’s (petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens), synthetic colors or fragrances, DEA, PEG and TEA.

Knowing these three basic facts can help you make wise choices and prevent you from believing more or less in your products than they are promising on the package.  I will try much harder in future reviews to let you know where each item falls on the scale.  Just remember that unless it’s a DIY like my foot scrub recipe I reviewed a while back, chances are most products aren’t going to be ALL natural and organic.  However, items that are MORE organic and LESS synthetic are always going to rate higher in my Green Chi Tuesday book!  Every little bit helps.  Sergeant Josie Friday signing off.  Stay safe people and GLAM ON you greenies you!!


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