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Meg here! I am so glad to be hearing from our former lurkers! We love to hear new smart and witty women chiming in. We’re really supportive and a cool place to visit. That being said-no one likes to be taken advantage of. Its a sucky feeling and it can suck when someone tries to spoil the party for the rest of the attendees.

Makeup Points-It’s a really nice way to reward loyal and helpful Megheads. It was set-up as a form of “THANK-YOU”. It’s always nice to be noticed and I never want any of you to think I take all of your insights for granted. I don’t.

I just did a large mailing to those of you that turned in your point so you’ll all be getting your fabulous goodies very soon!

Here’s the bad part. I’m now going to have to really check on the points. It’s time consuming and I was naive enough to think everyone was honest.
I know, I live in Hollywood but might as well reside in Mayberry with that attitude.

So, to the women that have been racking up insane points by sending the Megsmakeup site to FAKE and Spam accounts in the hopes we would not notice…Um, we noticed.

I was tempted to just end the Makeup Points program. It’s not cheap for me to reward people and I felt like an idiot for being so trusting.

I am keeping the Makeup Points. I am just weeding out the scam artists. Yeah, it takes time, it’s a headache-but I am not having the true visitors punished.

So scammers, you know who you are, the gig is up. Please take your shady self away from us. Also, please take a look at yourself. How can you feel good getting product sent from a small business rewarding loyal people?

The good news is, almost all of you are honest. I love rewarding you and I love knowing the “Yippee” you’re all going to let out once Mr. Postman visits.

From the bottom of my heart I appreciate and am thankful to all of the good and loyal women that makeup our makeup family Kiss

As they say “Well, there’s always one in every group.” To the few that are in that group-know this. We can track every IP, we can monitor every false attempt to swindle so just move on.

I hope this email doesn’t come off accross as angry but I wanted to get the word out. We are kind and loving but we’re not idiots.

Thanks to the good eggs out there! Thank God you’re the majority!!

Love to you,

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