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Meg here! There’s a reason DC is our capital. The women there are the bedrock of our nation! I am still recovering from a night of complete wonder at WellMedica! Our founding father’s got nothing on our contemporary sisters.

First off, we write a lot on how great the Cosminology line is! We love it, it works and it has spunk and humor and after meeting Lety and Dr. Dima I know where the brilliance comes from! Dr. Dima is so warm and funny and irreverent. She was cracking me up left and right. I love dry humor. I have dry humor so that’s why I totally get it. Sometimes with an eye roll I can make someone hate me. I feel bad for those squares because most of the time I’m laughing at myself. If you can’t laugh then I cant be around you. Laughing is my greatest joy in life and so much about life is hilarious. Dr. Dima gets the joke. Getting the joke is key.

She named her products after astrology, she loves astrology and Greek goddesses.  Her products have whimsical fun names but the products are neither fun nor whimsical. They work. Some part of me thinks she should have called them some pharmaceutical sounding name so you would really understand the medical science behind them. I have this problem in my own life as well. I’m smart. I’m not being a braggart but I’m pretty smart. Sometimes I go into meetings (or on dates) and the guys I’m meeting with see I have boobies and blond hair and they don’t expect me to know anything. They expect me to just be fun and whimsical. This is their downfall, I just nod and laugh and then when I speak they don’t know what hit them!Kiss

I feel like this is how Cosminology must feel. Dr. Dima is HOT! I mean she is smoking hot! She also has a wall of awards and diplomas and creates her line using advanced science. When you first meet her you see all cascading dark hair, a killer body and a million watt smile. You think “She’s gorgeous, maybe someone told her how to be a doctor.”
No, life is not fair, she has all of the above and a genius mind and advanced medical degrees from top universities. I know, with all God has given this woman you’d want to meet a schlump with a hump growing out of her back and a huge mole on her forehead. No such luck! Did I mention she’s also flippin’ hysterical? I know, life is not fair. In the wise words of a rapper I can’t remember “Don’t hate the playah-hate the game!”

With a flippant hair toss and a wink with her eye Dr. Dima embraced Megsmakeup into her practice for the most wonderful evening! The catering was phenomenal. They even had the labels on the olive oil custom made to say “Megsmakeup and Cosminology.” It was beyond top-notch! Lobster tails, beef wellington, the finest entrees, appetizers, cheeses and Veuve Clicqout and Belvedere cocktails. The attendees were absolutely comprised of the most stellar women DC has living in it! I met more fascinating ladies than you could imagine. The thing that really struck me (and I LIVE IN L.A.) was how effortlessly these women CEOs are able to embrace their outer beauty with their inner smarts. Yeah, they’re gorgeous, they work hard, they run shit and they’re beautiful. Deal with it.

I can’t thank Dr. Dima and Lety enough for hosting Eleni and I! It was truly magical and every guest left with an amazing giftbag! There were also raffle winners all through the night winning treatments and services. The top ones were valued at over $1,500.00 so it wasn’t exactly a brownie sale.

At the end of the night I was a little tipsy (I know-shocker! Alert the press! Oh wait, I am.) I mentioned that I love having lip injections. I wasn’t born with much of a top lip and I love the look of one but it just hurts so darn bad! Dr. Dima piped up “It hurts because I wasn’t the one injecting you! I know how to do it perfectly and you’ll be totally fine!” Because I was a bit drunk I called B.S. I said “I have been to the best in the world. It hurts every time. Let’s do a bet. You do it. Go for it. I’m feeling no pain right now but if I feel any I’m telling the truth and writing it. I’m standing by my stance that *lip injections are the worst pain in the world!“(*I’ve had a car crash where I crushed my pelvis, I’ve had a fall where my elbow had to be removed, I’ve had a boob job-nothing hurts like the lip*)

She did my lip. It looks awesome. I felt nothing. Today I woke up and I felt the same irritation that I would have if I had a zit growing on my lip line. That’s it. That seals the deal. The woman is a force of nature!

Beauty+Brains+A License To Order Meds. Dr. Dima, you are my hero and I can’t thank you enough!!

Check out Cosminology and if you need anything done you must check out WellMedica! It’s completely amazing!

I know you’ve been typecast. You’re beauty and brains and underestimated! Tell us how you use it to your advantage! Don’t you wish you had a Dr. Dima in your backyard? What cosmetic services are you lusting over?

Check it out here!

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