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spring 2010Hello dearest Megheads, this is Eleni on a Springtime special!

What does Spring mean to you? Blooming flowers, beautiful weather, colorful dresses, walks in the park. Now, stop thinking as a human and think as a woman – yes, women go beyond that. What does Spring mean to you now? Blooming pink cheeks, beautiful skin, colorful eyes, walks in high heels. That’s right!

It’s wonderful being a woman in the Springtime. Well, it’s not like we had a choice! In an attempt to help you out in being on top of your “looking wonderful for Spring” game, we put together a little list, Meg’s own picks for Spring 2010, inspired by fashion week, our favorite companies and pure vanity.

This Spring your cheeks are pink.
Go with Tarte’s cheek stain and you can’t go wrong. Available in many shades, sometimes we use it as a lip stain too, for perfect cheeks-lips color matching. You need to use just a tiny amount and it will stay on forever. This little bottle will last forever too, a total value for its money.

This Spring your lips are kissable.
And you can trust LORAC’s multiplex 3-D lip gloss to make your lips look like they have to be kissed in all three dimensions. Paraben-free, containing holographic pigments that make your lips multidimentional and antioxidants that nourish and protect. Who wouldn’t kiss that?

But at some point, this Spring your lips need to be sexy.
Two words: Napoleon Perdis. This Australian brand has quickly climbed on the top of our favorites list and there is a good reason for that: they do color like no other. This Spring it’s all about color. Forget the pale, pink, innocent tones. If you’re gonna go lipstick, you have to go all the way.

But still, this Spring natural beauty is celebrated too.
Why wear fake lashes when you can make your own lashes grow longer and stronger and amazing? If you have tried Revitalash, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a big treat. Revitalash really works. As a girl that has been around men for quite a while, I have learned to take every promise I hear with a grain of salt. Or two grains, depending on the guy. If Revitalash was a guy, it would be that kind of catch that you talk to your friends about and they say “get out of here! no one is that good.” And then they see you together and they are convinced. When I told my friends about Revitalash they all said “get out of here!” and then they saw my eyelashes and were convinced.

This Spring your eyes are dramatic.
And we’ve been trusting Urban Decay for eye drama since the first moment we held one of their amazing eye-shadows in our hands. We’ll keep the good tradition and trust Urban Decay once again this Spring. Our eyeshadow-du-jour is called Stardust and it is black and sparkly and everything you need from an eye-shadow: high pigment, great texture and brilliant packaging.

This Spring your skin glows.
Because you’ve been using SkinVie‘s stress reducing skin care products. No one looks good when they are stressed. And the brilliant scientists that are behind the SkinVie brand have worked hard to create a formula that focuses on fighting the results stress has on your skin. This is one of the most revolutionary products we’ve had the privilege to try this year and is definitely our Spring’s must-have when it comes to skincare. Working on your stress levels would help too!

This Spring your foundation is airy.
And the first brand that comes to our mind is Classified Cosmetics and their spray-on foundation. Application has never been smoother or more even. Meg never goes anywhere without her Classified Cosmetics little kit, make-up artists in Hollywood swear on its name, should we say more?

This Spring your hair stays the way you want it to be.
Frizz is too 1980s. In the Spring of 2010 you keep a Mixed Chicks hair silk in your purse to be safe. Frizz won’t know what hit her. Your hair will shine because this Mixed Chicks product uses a light reflecting formula and it will also smell great.

But most importantly, this Spring you need to feel your best.
Look at the runway looks and make your own version of them. Love the way a model looks in a magazine but love your face even more, flaws and all. Try to do the dramatic eyes, fail and look like a raccoon. Then laugh at yourself and start over. Have fun. Have confidence. That’s the Spring look we recommend the most!

Ladies, how many of you have done the raccoon this Spring? The truth!

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