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hairtype“African-American women spend $7.5 billion annually on beauty
products, which is 80 percent more than the general market. The reason it’s such a dramatic difference is attributed to the fact that
African-American women have to sample more products to find the right ones for their skin.”
(Essence magazine – beauty research panel 2008)

Helloooo LADIES! My name is Jasmine and I will be your host for the newest feature – Black Fridays!

Over the past two decades, the black beauty industry has grown leaps and bounds into a multi-billion dollar business. There are products for every type of ethnic hair – long and loose curls, tight curls, dry hair, brittle hair, natural afros, dreads, relaxed hair, and the list goes on. As for makeup and skincare for ethnic women, there are less targeted options, though a few black entrepreneurs (Iman, Black Opal, Fashion Fair) have broken through the noise to provide products whose colors and ingredients work in tandem with our genetic makeup (pun intended…yes I’m a dork as you will quickly come to learn!) Kiss

However, let’s be honest here. Most of the products with a beautiful woman of color on the front are made by a group of old white guys in the back. People that do not have our type of hair or skin are calling the shots and making lots of money off our desire to recreate that “fresh-from-the-salon” look and that magazine model glow. In my experience most of these “black products” are actually the least effective with less than ideal ingredients.

But fear not and waste money no more – my product trials and reviews will hopefully break through the marketing noise save you all time and money. And ladies listen up – I am here to represent all ethnicities of color – that means you too boricuas and betes! 🙂 If you have olive to dark skin and/or Type 2C or curlier hair which may or may not be processed (see link to hair chart from source:, I’m talking to you. Though I’m African American of mixed descent, I’ve realized that I have a lot of the same beauty concerns as my Latin and Indian/Asian friends.

Also, just so you know, I put integrity of ingredients and actual product effectiveness over any marketing or loyalty to products
supposedly “for us, by us”. I will be open to try everything, but I
have found that many of the best products work well for all types (to get the results I want anyway) because they are organic or all natural, with lots of wholesome ingredients, butters and oils, but sans those pesky and toxic petroleum and sulfate products (or alcohol if I can help it – but more on that later… I will school you on the main no-no products to help you in your independent product selections/trials).

Through this forum, I hope to open you all up to a new world where beauty does not compromise our health, our environment, or our wallet; and believe me, getting products that may slightly more expensive up front but actually work for us will save lots of money in the long run!

I look forward to our beautiful friendships and the discovery of the
best options to address the multitude of our individual ethnic beauty needs. Think Pink!

Any suggestions for any lines you have been wondering about?

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