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Welcome Back! Thanks For Hangin’ In!

Welcome Back! Thanks For Hangin’ In!

Word of the day (remember Pee Wee’s Playhouse?) everyone make noise! RELAUNCH!! How does the dictionary define our word of the day? Relaunch: to reintroduce a product or brand to the market after changes or improvements have been made. Part of Speech: verb, noun How does Meg define Relaunch? Relaunch is to incorporate all the great ideas that have ever been suggested. Then I really nicely asked LAFred to help me build it. 

After so many thoughts and dreams and prescriptions filled… I bring you the new and improved –!
Don’t get overwhelmed! This isn’t like the time your mother turned 55 and then dad asked for a divorce and then married your babysitter (oh wait, was that an LA reference?).

Our site is still the same mother, we have all the wisdom, we just went in for a quick nip and tuck.

What did we have injected into our marionette lines? A chat forum! Yes, now whenever you get the itch to share an amazing deal or product or joke we have an actual forum!

While we were being lasered another idea came into mind. Life isn’t black or white. Why are our reviews either “Yes” or “No”. What if I kind-of liked it? It wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s not a dud product. Would I raise a flute of champagne to this item? Would I raise 3.5 flutes? See where I’m going here. We are now so precise!

When the lipo machine was being hooked up we had the mother of all thoughts! MAKE-UP POINTS! Why shouldn’t we reward loyalty? In this day and age WE MUST REWARD LOYALTY! How can I show you how much you mean to me? How about I send you cool gifts? Really. It’s an awesome free program and Everyone wins them. Everyone earns them just for doing the stuff you already do. It’s probably my most favorite new feature! I have always felt better giving even more then receiving and all of you readers have given me so much. It’ll make my day when I drop a new item into an envelope knowing the smile it’s going to bring to your beautiful faces! Make sure you go to your profile and put in your birthday 5 points for that! Happy Birthday!

Just click on “What Are Makeup Points” on the right and also the Rewards Button.  They really dig into what I’m talking about. See this new great picture? It’s called an “Affiliate Link“. If you add it to your social networks (facebook, email signage, myspace) we track how many people come from your personal referral and you’re automatically earning points without any hardwork!

All posts now have a ShareThis popup. If you like what you’ve just read-Share the Knowledge! You can easily add a link to any review you like to your other social networks. Make-up Junkies-THIS PROGRAM IS A MUST! There is a whole bunch of fabulous new features and I want you to play around!

As with any new, terrific idea, we’re bound for a couple of glitches. If you try to update your account and get an error, click the “Report a problem” link in the footer (bottom of the page) to let us know! Thank you so much for being so patient!

I hope that you all enjoy this new forum. I really tried to listen to what all of you expressed you’d like. As always, your thoughts and opinions are of paramount importance over here!

Ladies, I’ve missed you this past week! I hope you enjoy the new features. As always, please chime in on what you like and what you will not be raising a champagne flute to!

I missed you all very much! Thanks for having me back! Much love and appreciation to all of you gorgeous gals!! Love, Laugh, Lipstick!


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