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scaleBabyLove here! Well, about four months ago I started my weight loss journey, and I’m just about ten days away from The Fresh Diet. I made a deal with myself that I would get my pre baby weight back before Calum turned 2. I have four more weeks before his birthday, and I’m about 6 pounds away from my goal weight! The Fresh Diet has helped me lose 22 pounds.

I visited my friend and her newborn baby today. Her baby is not even two weeks old, and in less than two weeks she has lost 20lbs. This, naturally, infuriates me. It’s taken me two years to lose what she lost in two weeks. “Everyone’s body is different,” my mother told me when I relayed the news. I guess so, Patty, I guess so.

Over my four month diet plan, I learned a lot of things about my eating habits. Basically, it turns out that they sucked. I’m incredibly pissed off at myself that it took me this long to realize it. I probably could have saved myself a whole lot of aggravation if I had been better educated. Throughout this entire diet, I’ve been stressing the importance of how this diet has TAUGHT me how to eat. I was 25 when I got pregnant with my first baby, and back then if I wanted to lose weight, I stopped drinking 6 beers and eating a small pizza at 2am. I’m so grateful for learning how to control my hunger with healthy snacking, and that I can still enjoy “real” food, just in smaller quantities. These are lessons that I will never forget, and will always use. I also discovered that I’m an emotional eater. For example, if my kids were driving me nuts, I’d want to eat a gallon of macaroni salad. BAD CHOICES=WEIGHT GAIN.

I’m not stopping here. My doctor has instructed me to get to my current weight, stay here for 6 months, and then start again. What I achieved at this weight, however, is that I’m no longer considered “overweight.” I have realistic goals set in place. From here I’ll join Weight Watchers to maintain my weight, and in the fall I’ll start going for those few extra pounds that I want to get rid of. I expect that my hips are a little wider than before, and my stomach lacks the elasticity as when I was 25. Accepting these little things, and moving forward has been a huge release for me. I don’t feel so hopeless about the way I look, and I know if I have a crappy day eating, all is not lost, and I’ll get it back together tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and words of encouragement throughout these last few months. I’ll make sure to have a few pictures up from my boys’ birthday party next month!

Ladies, if you’re in the middle of a weight loss program, and/or are struggling with your weight, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!   Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies, and remember, Everyone’s Body is Different.

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