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MEGHEAD POINTSHello lovely ladies!

This is Eleni, wondering if you feel appreciated enough as Megheads.

I mean, some of you do, because you have turned in your points and then you received a goody bag and, come on, you must have felt rather appreciated and happy about that, right?

But some of you don’t, because you have turned in your points and we might have been too busy and not packed your gift yet.

Or me we might have had a bit more to drink and skipped a number? Slim chance. We are extremely functional tipsy packers!

Or maybe your mailman likes mascara more than you do? Yes, that must have been the case.

Point is, it really means a lot to us to keep our Megheads happy.
So we want you to tell us if you think you should have received your gift but still haven’t.

But we also want you to tell us if you have received your gift and loved it and why you loved it and if you think it was a good fit for your look and beauty preferences.

You help us become better with your comments and we help you become prettier with our gifts. This is also why in your profiles it helps us if you completely fill them out. We check before we mail each pack what your profile says about you. If you are complaining about frizzy ends then we try to throw in something to help that. If you say you’re a gloss junkie then you’ll get a gloss. If we notice you’re into organic products then don’t be surprised to see that you got a natural item. We appreciate you and try hard to be thoughtful like that! That’s a fair trade, don’t you think?

We are really trying to make everyone happy and we really need your feedback. If you turned your points in a while ago and have not gotten your pack, please email me at so I can go back and see in our notes when it went out.

What do you ladies think? Let us know please!

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