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Meg here! Last night was the relaunch party for the new look of, we partnered with Girls In tech and had such a blast!

Megken was running around snapping pictures of all the guests when he captured the video posted. Stylemama and Katehrm777 (Two very popular contributors decided to grace me with their presence ( I’ve never met any of our new contributors in person!) I was so excited to meet them! They are as beautiful, funny and kind in person as they are on the site.

Anyhow, while Ken was running around with this camera he was also taking little video bits here and there! GUESS WHAT HE CAUGHT ON TAPE! It’s totally authentic and perfectly shows how amazing you all are!

The FIRST face to face meeting of Stylemama and Katehrm777! You know it was the first time I was able to meet them too! People may think all of us know each other but we’ve all Never met! Those two were the first and it gives me hope that it has started us from online to real life woohoo! It was awesome and it gives you ladies a chance to meet them as well. Talking and building relationships online is always interesting, you know so much about someone’s personality. We get to feel anonymous and share more then we ever would if we were sitting in a room of new people. I love that Ken captured this (there are perks to being with a film nut.)

I wish that all of you could have attended! We had a great location at Live On Sunset, fab music, a great fashion show where the makeup artists from Mud Makeup  made our models and moi (more about that later) look fantastic!! Our friend Cat Hickland (who always is so supportive to from was a special guest that came all the way in from N.Y.C! Our friends Courtney and Ashley Peldon also showed their makeup shindig love! We are going to give you the lowdown on their Starring Fragrances very soon! Lots of thanks to Solero and blusleelee for guarding the giftbags with their lives!

I’m pretty beat and exhausted but it was a great celebration that has inspired me to do more parties in other cities! We all need to be able to do the face-to-face! I love how you ladies are just as awesome in real life as you are on the screen!

I’m going to go into all the details about the event on my next cocktail hour tomorrow! I need a nap! TGIF!

What do you ladies think about a traveling party?

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