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megshopdressMeg here and I’m so excited I don’t even care I only have a few hours left before “Mondays With Meg” is obsolete!

I had a true dilemma. When I would be booked to go for TV Spots or even sit on “tech panels” (yeah, I don’t get it either, let’s not kick the gift horse.) I never knew what to wear. As you all know, I have enhanced my boobies and I do like my legs. My stomach…Not so much. I would call them “ab’s” but I feel as though that’s the lead in to “muscles” and I’m crazy-not stupid. There is a difference, I am self aware enough to know I have a better chance of seeing Jesus then the Abflex.

What’s a girl to do? I needed to look like I knew my stuff without showing “my business.” I’m on morning shows for the Love of God. It had to be stylish without being sluttish. However, having the title “Beauty Expert” makes you have to step up your game. I couldn’t be “beauty expert” and wear the same garb as the crime reporter (however, that’s so CSI amaze! Sign me up!)

Without sounding like a braggart, I have a great eye. I know what looks great. I was just having trouble finding it.

I want to introduce you all to SHOP! As with all of my ventures, this way to fill a need and this is something I truly stand behind. We didn’t atart this with a flux of cash just a ton of heart. My roommates were my models-one one is 5’11 and one 5’2 I made this video so you could see how I painstakingly picked flattering and sexy dresses that will enhance any body type.

They’re affordable, they’re quality and they travel well. I always get a ton of compliments when I’m in them from mostly women but the men haven’t seemed any less enthusiastic.

I picked dresses that hide flaws and accentuate your strengths. I’m on camera constantly, it really does add 10 pounds so I took that into consideration when I made my Monthly Picks.

This month I was all into blues. It’s calming, not as sever as black and just as slimming. Next month, I’m into corals so you’ll have to check back for those show stopping dresses in a tangerine, fresh scheme.
Also, I wanted to give you all a fabulous FREE gift! Each month, you’ll get a perfectly tailored gift for said dress! When your outfit is picked there is a special full sized gift with it (JUST THIS MONTH $25.00 NAVY Eyelash Primer from Revitalash.) I love this primer because it doesn’t just condition but it is Navy! Why oh why do makeup companies make their primer’s white? It’s so much work to cover the white with the black. The navy blends and conditions without you using a whole tube of your black mascara. The uber added plus? The navy works with every single one of these dresses!

So know this was a labor of love! I wear the Smoke and Mirror’s in my Revlon video. You have to trust I believe in a dress if I’m wearing it on PEOPLE! I mean, it’s People!!

I know how hard we work for our dollars! I would never be able to sleep at night (overrated) if I didn’t bring you exactly what I expect!These are dresses I stand behind, they look amazing and I really hope you’ll trust me enough to support as the easy, sassy yet business site to get both your fashion and beauty thrown in needs! I’ve been killing myself (and my roomies over here-but I’m grateful, I buy the booze and pizza.)

Let me enter your closet and I promise you wont be disappointed! I love you ladies and if you would tell your friends about my new venture I swear I will pray and give you Karma points! This is a new world for me!

Please shop, but if you can’t, no worries. Please let me know in the comments, what you like and what you hate. I welcome it if you have to criticize (just don’t make me cry!) I hope you enjoy this and it makes your life easier!

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