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Meg to speak to the fabulous life and having the correct tools to live it! I’m not speaking fabulous in the good, wholesome loving way! I am talking FABULOUS! in the ridiculously expensive handbag, gorgeous jewels, champagne and big rocks sort of way. I swear, being told you’re materialistic should not make you feel bad. The only people that can’t appreciate fine materials are those with bad taste. Its not even a money thing, when I was young and broke eating Top Ramen and I saw a pair of killer pants I would buy them. My thought was that maybe I didn’t have enough for groceries but maybe I’d look so good in my new pants I’d get taken out to a fantastic dinner. I ate out a lot with my brilliant thinking!

If you’re spending $20 on a lipstick $40 on a foundation (that’s going to run out) then why are you scrimping on the tools to put them beautifully on your face? If you take care of your brushes they’re going to last you eons!

I am in LOVE with my new 16 Piece Professional Brush Kit by Vox Cosmetics! so incredible. The most supple leather case rolled perfectly to maximize space! You could carry this case of brushes around and it would look like you’re holding a designer clutch. Once unsnapped 16 top quality brushes are inside. I feel like an artist just knowing I have these in my possession. They are the real deal serious business. Here’s whats inside “Brush Set includes: Powder Brush 1, Blush Brush 2, Contour Brush 3, Foundation Brush 4, Full Crease Brush 5, Blending Crease Brush 6, Angled Crease Brush 7, Eye Contour Brush 8, Shader Brush 9, Tapered Shader Brush 10, SM Shader Brush 11, MD Shader Brush 12, Flat Liner Brush 13, Brow Brush 14, Fine Point Liner Brush 15, Lip Brush 16, & Pro 16 Piece Brush Case.” I know I’m out of breath.

Vanessa Gulino is the founder and the V in VOX. She was obsessed with making the perfect brushes. She spent years learning and developing them and you know what? You can take your expensive purses and champagne and big rocks and throw Vox Brush Set in the mix because they are FABULOUS!


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