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You may be wondering why I am posting a candle review on Meg’s Makeup. Here’s the quick back story. Before I started Megsmakeup all of my generous friends would buy me make-up. Birthdays, holiday’s, thank-you and I love you gifts were always sent to me in the form of something in a tube, compact or shower bottle. My friends all started to freak out around the present exchange once they figured out I had more tubes, compacts or shower bottles sent to me in a month then could be used up in a year.

The next girly item I love to splurge on (besides Chanel, a Chanel bag is a yearly splurge only HOM can provide) is luxurious candles. I have now been lucky enough to recieve so many lux candles I’ve decided to let you know (as I light them) what ones are worth the dollars and what ones are a waste.

Also, I know everyone is going to be all mad at me but I don’t like Yankee Candles. I am allowed to say this as I am a Yankee and grew up near where they make them and I don’t like them. It’s the jar that they’re in. I hate how the glass turns all black and nasty. You will not convince me otherwise as my childhood was full of them.

My most favorite candle is Votivo’s Red Currant. My obsession started with this scent years ago when it first came out. My job as an event producer and celebrity gift buyer lead me to putting “Red Currant” in many usually ungrateful celeb gift baskets. I put together the “Welcome Back” gifts for a popular tv show. I included the Red Currant. The show’s assistant called me wanting to know where I had gotten the candles. The stars all wanted more!

Why wouldn’t they, it’s major! (I’m helping Posh bring major back). The scent is so strong it can fill an entire room and it lasts and lasts! I love it for fall and winter, as the heat starts to fade the Red Currant is a warm and cozy accessory for your house. Everyone I know loves and comments on it so it makes a gorgeous hostess gift!

Here’s what Votivo say’s about their Red Currant..“A savory blend of tart Red Currants and golden fruit glaze ladled over coarsely ground Vanilla Bean ice cream and served alongside Raspberry filled sugar cookies… the original Red Currant. Votivo Red Currant Aromatic Candle No. 96 is blended with the finest wax and will burn for more than 50 hours”.

Any other ladies with the candle infatuation?

Ladies that love Votivo Red Currant-am I right here or what? Everyone is more of a beauty by candlelight!

RedCurrant Buy It Here

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