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von Natur Crown to Sole! Hump Day Hair Day!

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I can’t. Believe. What I’m about to say. I may have been converted, and frankly, it scares me.

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written you’ll know that the one thing I’m not is a “natural” girl. I drink. I smoke. I love silicone in my hair. I shave, I wax, I pluck. I wear makeup, always, everyday, even if it’s to get a drive-through latte. I get 3-color highlights. I have a savings account for impending plastic surgery emergencies.

I am not a granola, a hippie, or a tree-hugger. I don’t own practical shoes, or a parka, or a canoe. I am six feet tall and I have a closet full of 3”+ heels. I have a collection of Stila eye shadows that for the price I paid, could have fed a family of 4 (or me, for that matter) for a year. Or flown round-trip to Paris twice. (To shop for more makeup, natch).

In defense of myself, I do give money to selected charitable organizations, I recycle, and I think about my environmental footprint. I buy organic vegetables and never eat farm-raised fish. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. My next car will be a hybrid. But I. Am not. A “natural” girl. Especially when it comes to how I look. And even more so when it comes to my hair.

I recently lopped a bunch of it off (went from David Spade to Sienna Miller-circa-Factory Girl). So while my hair should be healthier, I took the blonde up a few notches so it’s now primarily platinum with low-lights intermixed. There is now not a strand of my hair in its natural state. Every speck is a different color than it was when I was born. And what do girls like us do? Scour every salon, beauty supply, cosmetics store, stylists warehouse and website for something, anything, that will turn straw into gold!

So I get these products in the mail from a company called von Natur. It’s got a PR sheet that’s frankly too long to read: “von Natur’s Crown to Sole Shampoo is just simply lovely”… (snore)…”One of the reasons that people complain about the way their hair feels when they use castile soap as a shampoo…” (Huh? Now they’ve got my attention! Who TF uses castile soap as a shampoo? I mean, who the F*%$?!)

So they’ve lost me already. I put it way, way, way on the back of the shelf and don’t pull it out. Until last week when my sense of obligation starts to get to me. I’m already annoyed that I have to use it. I’m so ready to be a hater. The first ingredient is Aloe Vera Juice, and I’m ready for my hair to turn into a gummy, nasty mess. It doesn’t lather particularly well (as expected) so I use nearly the entire 2 oz. bottle they sent on my now 3 ½” long hair. It finally gets sudsy and emits a tingly minty feeling on my scalp – not something I’m opposed to, except that “natural” products always have one of two scents: minty or musky. It always seems like a put-on. It’s natural! It’s botanical! You’re either walking through an herb garden (mint) or a forest (dank and patchouli-like).

So 2 oz. of shampoo later, I rinse. Not bad, really. Hair doesn’t feel gummy. It’s not a rat’s nest. It’s not horrible. On goes the condish. Oddly, the list of ingredients doesn’t seem that different than the shampoo. I pile on almost the entire bottle.

I leave the conditioner on my hair for the time it takes to shave my legs and do my 2nd facial exfoliation. I rinse it out and still have tingly-head and expect the worst.

But that is not what happened. Instead, I couldn’t stop looking at my hair. I couldn’t stop touching it. My hair had never looked or felt better – clean, healthy, soft, and so shiny it was like polished glass! I seriously couldn’t stop looking at myself. I was nearly tempted to stop strangers on the street and make them touch my lustrous, gorgeous locks. I should also add that I am prone to a flaky scalp and it really seemed to help that, too.
Was it a fluke? I don’t know! They only sent me 2 oz. of each product, and I squandered it flagrantly in 1 usage! Von Natur, forgive me for my pre-judgment and brazen ways! I can change! Can’t I? Can I? Will I be wandering the aisles of Whole Foods for hair products? You have no idea what this does to me. My very essence, every ounce of my being has been turned upside down.

But I’ve done it. I just clicked on “Order Now” at

The products are sold on their website as Complete Hair & Body Conditioner and Complete Hair & Body Wash at $8.50 for 12 oz. (they haven’t as of this writing posted photos of them yet). Or you can get the airline approved Crown to Sole Travel Pack for $10.95 for 2 oz. each of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Mine’s in the mail!!!

Link:Buy It Here -VON NATUR

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