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I love children! They’re so funny and cute and full of life! I love to roll around on the floor with them, I love to give them gifts and tell them stories and make them laugh! They are so wonderful and precious and innocent. More then anything, I love handing them back to their parents and driving off. I give candy, I give gifts, over 15? Sure I’ll grab you a six pack. I am cool, I am fun I am more like a trusted peer then a parent (yuck).

I am never having kids. Ever. Why should I be the bad guy when I can be the fun friend? Not to mention the commitment it takes to raise those suckers. My hat is so off to you moms. I don’t know who convinced you to do it but you did. I look to my Greenie who runs around all day with juice boxes and diapers and is so selfless! She does it all!

Me? I have 3 dogs. Sometimes after filling the food dish and water bowl I need a nap. I’m not cut out for it. I know this about myself and know I am utterly selfish and self-absorbed. I’m ok with this observation. I have met so many women that are pretty much the same as me and they feel the pressure to procreate. Why? I don’t know. Society? Parents? Husband? I have heard so many times that I am going to regret this decision. If I do? I’ll adopt. I love my dogs so much it hurts and I’ve never birthed any of them.

Perhaps it is wrong to compare being a parent to 3 dogs the same way to being a parent of 3 kids. You’re not forced to read my drivel, log off if you must! Stop being a playa-hater!

My girls (that’s what I call my 3 doggies) can be as naughty as your 2 year old.They love to pee on any rug I bring into the house. I usually can’t see it as they do it when I’m not around or sleeping. The wet spot dries and I’m left wondering “Where the Hell is that urine smell coming from”. You can replace Urine with Vomit or any other disgusting odor.

I was having a dinner party. My girl Bear had the runs. I was running around 2 hours before the party wiping up Bear droppings. It was foul.

I cleaned and used my Saijo Persimmon room spray. My guests entered my home and wanted to know what the smell was. I was mortified. They said“Yum, OMG! That is the best spray ever. Your house smells delish! What is that! I want some!!

Seriously, this stuff is amazing! When you see rooms that are perfect in home decor magazines, this is what they smell like. It is so phenomenal and will last you atleast 5 months. Put it in the powderoom, use it on your sheets, I will not steer you wrong!

I swear you will LOVE THIS

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