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Meg here, I don’t know if this analogy is going to make sense but what the heck I’m going with it. There use to be some cartoon and I think it was a mouse or something and it went into a little, dingy tent but once it went inside it was this palatial palace with hookah’s and dancing girls and a throne. I guess I was the only one that caught that episode but stay with me here. So now that I’ve moved back to West Hollywood I’m getting to know the new places on the blocks around my pad. There’s a place called Voda Spa and it’s pretty non-decript from the outside. I actually thought it was some sort of nightclub from first glance.

I think you see where I’m going with this…

Voda Spa was gracious enough to invite me and fellow Meg’s member Omfgem to check out their establishment and we were BLOWN AWAY!! It’s like the lost city of pampering in that place. Let’s see, you walk in and there’s a cafe and then there’s a total New York looking club bar. Yes, A BAR in a spa. So after your treatments or before or during? No, not during, anyhow it’s a super plush, upscale bar.

The lobby is amazing and beautiful with fountains and inviting light and earth tones and immaculate! LG from Voda Spa, is as delightful and wonderful as the facility itself and she gave us the background and a full on tour. Lets see, there’s a super VIP gorgeous spa with-in a spa that can be rented out for bachelorette parite and showers or birthdays! I have a birthday coming up..Hmmm. It’s got a full-on salon upstairs and the “quiet rooms” are totally zen and relaxing. The best part? The main spa. Oh my gosh! We both let out a gasp! It’s ginormous and so Architectual Digest perfect!

A cackling fireplace, soaring ceilings that have so much light and gorgeous beams~a huge pool, a jacuzzi, a cold plunge, a juice bar, Turkish Steam room, sauna, Korean Showers, wet rooms and Russian Banya’s.

I was pretty familiar with all of the above but new to the world of Russian Banya’s. The owners of Voda Spa are Russian and they wanted to incorporate the Russian culture and make it Voda Spa’s theme. When Russian women want to socialize they historically skip the movies and the mall and head to the Spa, more specifically the Russian Banya’s to hang out. This explains why they wanted to make Voda Spa a one stop destination for an indulgent day!

Let’s cut to the chase. The treatments Liz and I had were no joke. Let’s start with me watchin Liz get her Platza master massages the warmed and relaxed skin with the venik branches, using a series of rhythmic taps and strokes. This motion both generates heat over the body and releases the essential oils from the leaves. The platza is said to draw out impurities, improve circulation, prevent premature aging of the skin, improve metabolism and refresh the spirit.

This treatment is performed in a dry Russian Banya that is so hot it is literally 200 degress. I watched Liz be rhythmically tapped with branches while laying down and having her skin suck in the essential oils. When she was finished, she did the cold plunge and she looked like a new, refreshed women! Or in her words..

” Lg instructed us to warm our bodies by spending three minutes in the various saunas and banyas to prepare to our treatment. I was getting the platzo wash which involves being massaged with special leaves filled vitamin and minerals that detoxifes and aids in circulation in the wet banya(200 degrees!)

The lovely,massager, was waiting for me in the banya.. I disrobed and she explained the imprtance of staying calm and not panic if it got too hot. I took deep breaths during the platzo massage and last as long as as I could, about 7 minutes. Meg had to leave the room twice during my treatment she was so hot.. A bit light headed, I was told to take a cold plunge which is literally like your whole body in a ice cube tray. After I plunged, I was a new person!”

Liz went first and while my treatment was not insanely hot as hers was, it still was performed at 125 degrees! I experienced the Lava Wash
Elevate your body temperature with this full body wash in our hot wet Banya. Begin with a hot mop to get the body heat up and then be washed with our green tea body wash followed by a cold rinse to help strengthen the immune system. Turn and repeat!

This treatment was so rigorous. My skin was scrubbed and exfoliated like never before in my life! I was literally glowing by the end of it! If this is how Russian women chill out then send me to Moscow!

I’m almost hesitant to promote Voda Spa so much because unlike the Korean Spas, it’s not all crowded. It’s such a great atmosphere you feel like you’re a member of a very exclusive club. I swear, from the outside to the inside you feel like you need a password to be let into this secret lush world!

Staff A+
Prices A+
Facility A++!

The prices are great too! My treatment was $35 and Liz’a was $25.

The secrets out! Trust me! Run don’t walk to Voda Spa!


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