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Gigi here! with Delectable Drugstore Deals for Skin-Deep Beauty . . .

No, I’m not a doctor, but I play one on Meg’s, albeit badly. Last week was a homeopathic week of sorts. Sweetassgal enlightened us about hair structure and gave us a low-cost beauty makeover item. Valeriejean’s remarks were exceptional. The comments about baking soda by G35queen were insightful-I’ve seen tresses transformed. Visit Calicovonspunk’s profile for an excellent homemade recipe for toner. Stylemama recommends tea tree oil-it’s great stuff. And while we’re still in the month of resolutions, I offer the following, and this time you can eat as well!I was recently stunned by some friends as we discussed vitamins. They dissed them, contending that they receive all they need from food. Not so-our soil was depleted of nutrients long ago, and the cooking process removes more. The RDA’s recommended amounts are helpful in protecting you from the plague and leprosy but do not promote optimal health. So here’s a “crash course” on beauty from within. There may be a quiz next week . . .

My experience with B vitamins began early. My grandmother had B12 shots weekly; she lost her lethargy and was luminous into her 80’s. My mom took an unbuffered form of niacin (B3) and wound up with her face burgundy, hot, and skin pulled so taut that it was like watching Portrait of Dorian Gray. She wound up in the ER, where they flooded her with liquids to cleanse her system. One day later my older sister did the same. Her reaction was worse and she told our annoyed parents that she .”wanted to experience the feeling for herself.” I couldn’t love her more, but that’s also the year she used Clorox to streak her hair.

B Vitamins are essential for your nervous system’s functioning. Unfortunately, these are exhausted quickly and must be replenished continually. Your body will actually leech them from your skin, hair, and nails, so a pot ent supplement is key. Step away from the niacin, please, and use a comprehensive, synergistic formula. Without it, nails peel, hair breaks easily, and it’s hard to mimic a true glow with any cosmetic. Studies have shown that they act as skin-lightening agents and help to heal acne and more. If you hate to take pills, grind tablets and fill clear capsules available at pharmacies. B12 comes in a great-tasting sublingual form.

Vitamin C is a multi-tasking miracle, a natural antihistamine which repairs tissue. The jury is still out here, but many physicians believe it stimulates the production of collagen and can reverse sun damage. As an amusement park addict, I found my limbs completely battered from riding all day; Vitamin C cleared the bruises almost immediately. Note the growing number of companies promoting topical application. One of the reasons is that it functions as a sunscreen.

Vitamin D is chiefly created by sunlight. This aids with the absorption of much-needed calcium to prevent osteoporosis. However, it is found in few foods and you no longer bake yourself to tan, right? Of course you don’t. The people at Viactiv® are shrewd and solved this in a scrumptious way. Open your parasol and, instead, imbibe Viactiv® Calcium Soft Chews with Vitamins D and K. Your body won’t know it’s not candy! Their Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews are delicious squares which also satisfy my sweet tooth, and I don’t have to hide the wrappers (milk chocolate is my favorite flavor). Antioxidants beautify your complexion, while your eyes, heart, and immune system are strengthened by Vitamins A, C, and E. B vitamins go to work as noted above. I am also given to eating vitamin/mineral gummy bears. Since they are geared toward children, I can consume more than a few while enjoying a guilt-free, low-calorie treat! Now, how easy was that?

What daily pills are you popping to look beautiful?




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