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veuve clicquotOnly one quality: the very best” Madame Clicquot

Goddess Granny live and coming to you from the yellow carpet on the day of all things Oscar and over the top fabulous style so I thought it’d be fun to chat a bit about this heavenly product that to my way of thinking NEVER fails to make me prettier or happier (at least in my own mind!) whenever I indulge… and yes, to indulge in a glass (okay,a bottle) of what I believe to be incomparable in the world of Champagne is on that list of over the top fabulous for sure:I’m not much of a drinker but will never say no to a glass of this divine beverage!

Now my Darlln’s: I have neither the time or inclination to debate the drinking of alcohol or the precise and lengthy history complete with dates and vintages of this renowned Champagne House but I skim the surface as lightly as a dancing-bubble and make an attempt to at least whet your appetite in hopes of providing you with a few fun facts so that you too can  out-dazzle the dullards at a cocktail party with your small cache of cool champagne-ralated facts…

Did you know that LVMH (they distribute this gorgeous champagne in the US) is one of THE sponsors behind our over the top fabulous “Meg’s Makeup Road Trip” 2010? We also want only the BEST for all of you!

We at Meg’s LOVE our women owned/operated companies and believe me, the woman behind the highly respected Veuve Clicquot Champagne is truly iconic in this arena: The matriarch of the brand, Madame Barbe Nicole Ponsardin Clicquot (1777-1866) was left a young widow (“Veuve” means widow in French) at age 27 when her husband Francois (who was the only heir to a French wine business, “Clicquot” established by his Father Philippe in 1772) died of a fever. In a bold and un-precedented move for the times, Madame Clicquot took over her husband’s small champagne business and went on to develop many important technological innovations in the world of wine-making, most notably the process of “remuage” which allowed champagne to become crystal-clear and “bubbly” instead of being cloudy thus changing the face of the industry forever. This innovation in particular gave Madame Clicquot and her champagne world-renown and was considered/still is by many including myself “the BEST!”

BTW: “Champagne” refers to the region of France which was the first in the world to produce a sparkling wine in quantity and today the name is synonymous with these fine wines 🙂

Madame Clicquot was truly brilliant and fearless: not only was she able to make her company’s wines uber-famous but she quite also created a stir in 1814 when she secretly shipped 10,000 bottles of champagne to Russia in defiance of a blockade in effect due to the Napoleonic Wars. Her champagnes were the first in that country and needless to say, they became very good customers. Champagne was the preferred drink of the nobility though out all of Europe at the time. She also determined that a fresh and vivid shade of yellow, “like the yolk of a fresh egg” should be forever the color associated with the brand, a tradition that continues to this day:)

To read MUCH more about the fascinating life of Madame Clicquot you can (and I am!) read “The Widow Clicquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It

Today yet another spectacular woman is at the helm as president of Veuve Clicquot Posardin: Cecile Bonneford is the first woman ever to be named leader of such a “Marc” or house that did not inherit the position and she carries on the tradition of excellence with STYLE!

Talk about intrigue? In July 2008, the oldest unopened bottle of Veuve Clicquot was discovered inside a sideboard at a castle in Scotland: the 1893 bottle was in mint condition (it was kept in the dark) and is now on display at the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin visitor center in Reims, France.
It is regarded as priceless 🙂 This brand truly has survived and even defied time with its awesomeness!

I could and would go for for hours: there are SO many bottles, types and vintages to choose from and SUCH interesting things to say about the company and their wines but I can only suggest that you get your hands on some and try to indulge at least once in your lifetime and that you consider allowing the traditions and romance of this fine champagne fill your head with bubbles of delight as you sip. Oh… how does it taste you ask:) SO many notes and equally as many opinions: peach, apricot, ginger, vanilla pastry, flowers, sunshine, heavenly, creamy. I honestly haven’t found a lovely-word that hasn’t been used either to describe the taste or the experience that drinking this champagne can envoke!

Get lost on their site, it’s as over the top fabulous as you might expect and just so damn interesting, colorful and creative!:

Any fine liquor store or wine shop will have a selection in most areas but purchasing and shipping regulations vary from state to state so I can’t provide a direct link to buy…

Have you indulged in this finest of beverages?
Do you have a favorite drink that delights you and when /how do you enjoy it most?
I think it’s  worthy of having a bottle on hand and enjoying as often as possible as it’s ALWAYS and FOREVER a WINNER!

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