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Vexy here! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! your Friday Fragrance fiend, bringing you something a little different this Friday: some spooky scents and scary smells! Okay, so they’re not /that/ scary, but in honor of Halloween, I figured I’d bring you some fall-oriented scented goodies!

Lush The Great Pumpkin Soap- Okay, this one doesn’t smell exactly like pumpkin, but I love it anyway! It’s got sort of a pumpkin-cinnamon-citrusy scent that reminds me, oddly enough, of Lucy from Charlie Brown. To quote Lush: “You’ll want a whole brick but be warned, it’s even heavier than real pumpkin. Probably best to get yourself a manageable slice or two. This new, limited edition soap is a creamy, pumpkin-colored affair with a scent borrowed from our gorgeous Almond Buttercream: sweet orange, mandarin, lime and cinnamon leaf.” It just seems like the kind of scent she’d use- sweet with a little kick, just like her! Whenever I use it, I remember watching The Great Pumpkin as a kid with my mom and dad.

Demeter Fragrance Library Sweet Delights Caramel- This delightful little cologne is something I came across entirely by accident. And by “accident”, I mean I’m not responsible for this find at all. Blame it on a good friend and choir-mate of mine who ran up to me last week, raving about this little bottle and demanding that I review it. I figured, what better time than Halloween, the night of sweet treats? But on to the scent. Demeter fragrances are a little different in that most of them don’t have descernable top notes and base notes (at least to me!) but this one does smell /exactly/ like chewy caramels! I have to be wary about wearing this around the boyfriend- it always makes him hungry and I wind up cooking instead of cuddling!

Philosophy’s The Haunted House- It’s a gift set for all-hallows eve, and it’s FULL of delicious. I think the boy is getting irritated with me because I don’t have a bathtub in my dorm room- woe- and I am over his house every other night to take a bath with one of these. My favorite of the three is the caramel apple. It reminds me of childhood halloween parties! My momma got me this as a late housewarming gift, since I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet (plus, I got her a Philosophy set last Christmas and proceeded to use half of the things myself). One thing I will say about Philosophy is their scents are always dead-on. I’m always wary of licorice smells because often they smell… well… gross and fake. This one, however, is a scream! Pun intended. The caramel one is a great compliment to the Caramel Cologne I mentioned above, though none of the scents linger that much after your bath (unless you use them as a shampoo- then they cling like crazy!). Still, great for bath time!

Aquolina Blue Sugar- This first came to my attention as a potential female scent by one of the ladies at Meg’s- the wonderful papoose! It’s retained it’s signature sweetness I fell for in Pink Sugar, but it has this undercurrent of tartness (from the bergamot and tangerine leaves) and almost a swirl of spicy darkness (from the licorice, the ginger, and the coriander, I reckon) that makes it far less girly than Pink Sugar. While I can’t imagine the manly, manly men going for this, it’s a great cycle-breaker for us gals! Says Aquolina: “Aquolina’s first foray into men’s fragrance opens with a delightful harmony of caramelized sugar and vanilla blended with heady notes of cedar and tonka bean. The heart of the fragrance is rich with energetic notes of licorice, patchouli, lavender, and coriander, freshened with crisp bergamot and mandarin, and finished with soothing notes of anise. Blue Sugar is a fragrance of contrasts – fun and effervescent, yet supremely masculine.” Supremely masculine- maybe not, but definitely something to try!

And, to finish up this exciting holiday post, some exciting news! Vexy’s gone and gotten herself a job! Not just any job- a job at LUSH! I’m hanging around with some of the most beauty-savvy gals in my city (at least I think) so I’m excited to broaden my fragrance horizons with what they can show me!

Happy haunting and safe spooking, ladies! Remember, be FRIGHTFULLY fabulous, and share with me some of your most tricksy-treats!


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