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I have a sensitive Va-jayjay. I am allergic (deathly-emergency room trip) to latex. Yeah, I married HOM because he’s awesome! I also married HOM because unsafe sex in LA is scary. I would love to protect myself, but I seriously can’t. If I wear latex gloves to clean the house my fingers swell to a crazy, itchy pink. Imagine what it does to the inside of a labia.

My lady parts are the most sensitive around. I lived on Cipro and Bactrum during highschool because my bladder would shut of if my mother dared to wash my under-garments in scented anything. I hate you Irish Spring!!

I get itchy, hot and uncomfortable. If I use an over-the-counter yeast medication it will usually lead to a bad bladder infection. I use to have to choose, but now I don’t. If your Va-jayjay is acting up. If you are uncomfortable between your thighs. If you have a weird odor coming from your netherlands-give this a whirl.

Found at your local grocery store…PLAIN YOGURT no fruit,NO SUGAR PLAIN YOGURT~Take the yogurt and spread it on the outside or wherever irritation is building and it will be gone. It is soothing and instantly effective. If the irritation is inside, all you have to do is have tampons on hand. Dip the tampon in the yogurt and insert it inside you. Do this for 2 nights. All of the imbalances will become balanced.

The natural properties in yogurt should add you relief. The faux latex companies should do a better job with their condoms. Every non-latex condom I’ve tried has broken in me.

Ladies, please post if natural yogurt soothed you or what gets rid of your itches?

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