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Kate here! Winter is usually a time for dryness. Now those of you who don’t live in sunny Southern California like me (little dig there…sorry I couldn’t resist) may be saying “what on earth is she talking about?” Winter for most places is a time of rain and snow and general wetness, and it even rains occasionally in Southern California! But when I say dryness, of course I am talking about the havoc that winter wreaks on our skin and hair, turning supple soft skin into a flaky, scaly mess and silky, shiny hair into straw. To fix your alligator scales, you will have to ask elsewhere, but I am here to help you restore some moisture into that dried out, winter-ruined hair of yours!

Enter here Unite Seven Seconds Conditioner Leave in Detangler. Unite is a new line that combines the high quality ingredients of Europe with the cutting edge technology of America. I bought this product on a whim from my hairdresser and had never used it, similar to a few other things I have bought. Ok fine a lot of the things I buy, but I digress. I decided to try it for the first time about three months ago and I am officially in love. It is a fine mist that smells incredible that you spray all over wet hair. After I spray it on, I can literally feel within seconds (7 seconds perhaps…hmmmmmmmm…maybe I am onto something) that my hair is softer and more moisturized . It is very light and more moisturizing than probably any product I have ever used. I ran out last week and didn’t use it the last time I washed my hair, and I felt a definite and noticeable difference. My hair felt off until I washed it again, this time not making the mistake to be out of this wonderful product again.

Overall this product is incredible and is now one of my haircare staples and I can’t imagine replacing it with anything else. It is extremely moisturizing but is so light I couldn’t imagine it being too heavy for even the greasiest or finest of hair. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to add some moisture into their winter ruined hair or just dry unruly hair in general!

So far I am loving this new Euro-American approach to haircare! Anyone else had any success with Unite products?



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