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HungryMissRo here to take a moment to talk about true beauty. I was surfing around Amazon looking for my next read when I came across the book Hungry by Crystal Renn. The story is about Crystal’s journey through the modeling industry, almost becoming ill because of being anorexic, and her triumph of overwhelming success as a plus-size model. I think this book is so important, because it’s not just about the dysfunctional world of modeling, rather it’s about body image, beauty and self-confidence.

As we know in today’s society, we put so much emphasis on how we look. It’s Anti-Aging this, or botox that, and I believe it gets to a point where we stop accepting ourselves for who we are and how we look. In Eleni’s post about Cultural Differences in Beauty, I think it was so interesting to hear about what Greek women do that is different from American women for their beauty regimen. In the comments below, everyone has been expressing their beauty regimen depending upon which country they come from. I think it would be interesting to hear from women around the world about what their definition of beauty is.

To read about what Crystal went through in order to try and be accepted in the modeling world is shocking. She would exercise almost eight hours a day and would have no more than a piece of lettuce and a Diet Coke for lunch and sometimes dinner. The more intense her regimen became, the more abuse her body took. Her periods stopped and her hair started to fall out. Her breaking point came when she had a swimsuit shoot and her agency said that she still needed to loose weight on her legs. She told them “I’m killing myself, I’m not going to be any use to you if I’m dead!”‘ Her agency persisted, asking her to please put up with it for two more weeks, because she had an option on a $40,000 job. That was it for her.

Crystal Renn is now the leading plus-size model in US. She’s appeared in four editions of Vogue, starred in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign, was the cover girl on an international edition of Harper’s Bazaar, appeared on The Tyra Banks Show, The View and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and has been photographed by Steven Meisel, Ellen Von Unwerth, Steven Meisel, Ruven Afanador and Patrick Demarchelier. I think that’s quite the accomplishment for a young girl who is only age 22.

It’s stories like these that need to be told. Crystal’s true beauty and success came from accepting herself for who she is and what makes her happy, and the rest of the modeling world accepted it too. True beauty is about self-acceptance. Don’t get me wrong, a little hair dye here, wax there, exercise here, and a nip and a tuck there is not completely wrong, but you should do it because you want to enhance what you already have.

To read more about her story, click here. You can purchase her book at or where ever they sell Hungry.

What is your definition of true beauty?

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