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Every week Chichi brings you the latest and greatest eco-friendly beauty products on Green Chi Tuesday! This week we’re going a bit out of the ordinary with a review of Trigger Triangles, Pressure Point Therapy Tools. Thanks to the very generous Paul who sent a shipment of the miraculous Trigger Triangles for us to test!

Confession time: I am a Massage-a-phobic (and yes, I did just make up that word.) While I love to visit spas – drinking cucumber water, lazing about the saunas and relaxing in a quiet sanctuary – I have never received a massage! Facials, no problem, I love them. Yet, I just can’t get comfortable (and naked) in front of a stranger and have them rub me all over. My friends keep telling me to give it a try and I’ll find that I love it, but I guess I’m just uptight. Of course, the older I get, the more I notice tightness and pain in my neck, shoulders and back from exercise (of lack thereof) and (the big culprit) sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end. I know plenty of people that get regular massages to keep them loose and pain free, but I always relied on Advil and yoga stretches for relief. Luckily, I have a new weapon in my arsenal, the simple and effective Trigger Triangles!

So, what are these little triangles all about? Invented by Dr. Stacy Smith of Malibu, CA, Trigger Triangles are “uniquely designed to focus healing pressure on myofascial trigger points, acupressure points, reflexology points and knotted muscles.” By using the ends of the soft triangles to apply steady pressure to tight muscles, you can relieve your pain and discomfort in the privacy of your own home and without resorting to pain medications! This gentle pressure “unknots bundled muscle fibers that are responsible for pain and soreness… to relieve pain and stress.”

All right, I know what you’re thinking. “Chichi, this sounds a little weird and new age-y for me. Can it really help me?” My answer is “yes!” We were working extra hard last week to get up daily (and lengthy) posts on our (still amazing) South Coast Plaza shopping spree. Between working my day job and then working evenings on the site, my neck was extra sore and tight from the hours logged in front of my computer. I had a kink in my neck that would not go away and the tension headache that comes along with it! I pulled out the cute yellow Trigger Triangles and perused their website for detailed instructions on how to get the most from my triangles. Dr. Stacey has wealth of information on his site with detailed maps of the human body showing precisely which spots need to be concentrated on to get the relief you need. I studied the picture of the upper back and neck and then used my Trigger Triangles on spots #2 and #3 to try and get some relief for my poor neck and shoulders. Here are the basic and simple instructions:

Using any corner of the triangle, apply pressure to each sore spot of knotted point for 15-20 seconds.

Start with gentle pressure and gradually increase to encourage release. Be patient and aware of your body-never try and force tissue to release.

That’s it! Trigger triangles are a quick, effective and money saving answer to sore muscles. I really like that the triangles can be used with a partner applying the pressure or be used alone by placing a triangle on a flat surface and using your body weight to provide the pressure. I went to my room, put some quiet music on the stereo (I went with Sigur Rós and their dreamy instrumentals), placed a triangle on the floor and then lay down on the floor (and the triangle) to reach the necessary spots. Guess what? These beauties really worked! I could actually feel the tension and pain slipping away.

If you are looking for relief from body tension and stress, I would recommend you give the Trigger Triangles a try. Each package comes with two different sized triangles for different parts of the body. The larger triangle has more gently rounded corners and is ideal for large muscle groups. The smaller triangle is primarily used for small muscle groups or where precise pressure is needed (I used the small one on my neck). According to the site, the small triangle is “particularly good for feet. Many people use it at work under their desk.”

Which brings me to another point; the Trigger Triangles are so light and portable that you can bring them with you wherever you may need them. They store easily in a bag and can be toted along on airplanes, to your office, the gym or on family vacations! Finally, these babies are very affordable; just $20 plus a few bucks shipping and handling. Think about all the make-up you could buy from saving money on regular massages!

Ladies, please let us know if your Trigger Triangles brought you the same relief from headaches, body tension and sore muscles!

Trigger Triangle-Pressure Point Therapy Tools- Buy Them Here!

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