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Thank-you to the fabulous and phenomenal Leonora who sent Megsmakeup out a beautiful array of fragrance, creams, gels and butters from Tova!

I have a memory like an elephant. I don’t have any short term memory but I can remember spot on something that happened 20 years ago. I’m also not great at “letting things go” so unfortunately, for HOM, I remember in 1999 when he made comments on some hot girl (before we were dating). I still bring it up because I am insane like that.

Anyhow, I remember watching the Sally Jessy Raphael show when I was about 10 years old. I have no idea how I remember this so I am going to have to confirm this story with Leonora through Tova to make sure I’m not dreaming this. I’m pretty sure I’m not, but I google’d and couldn’t get confirmation. Back to Sally Jessy. She had on a poor, sweet girl that was about my age at the time and the little girls story was horrible. Her family didn’t have any money, she was tortured at school, they did all these cruel things to her and she just wanted to get out of her awful environment. She was super smart and got great grades and was just dealt a really crap set of cards so far in her life.

Sally had a surprise for her. This totally gorgeous, impeccably dressed woman took a seat next to her. I remember Sally introducing her as “Tova Borgnine-who has a cosmetic company”. Like royalty, Tova sat down next to the scarred girl and told her she was going to pay for her college education as long as she kept her grades up. I remember watching that episode and thinking about how wonderful such a high-society lady would help out a ruffian with potential.

About 10 years later, I worked for a publicist named Lee Solters and his friend Ernest Borgnine called in on line 1. I took the call and wanted to blurt ” I LOVE YOUR WIFE!” In Hollywood, those type of spastic fawnings are looked down upon so I said nothing, oh wait. I said “please hold, I’ll grab Lee.”

It’s just nice (and apparently memorable) when someone so elegant is just as beautiful on the inside as out.

Tova Beauty arrived and all of us were so blown away by the fabulous packaging we allwere presented with. I picked TOVA LOVE EVERLASTING perfume before I even spritzed it. Look at that bottle! It not only fits my Art Deco boudoir but it is heavy like art! The scent was perfect for me a “champagne roses, cashmere woods, and glacial accord with exotic cloudberry, Arctic snow flowers, and black raspberry.” Yum!

All of the Megsmakeup ladies started to pick their choices, we all were eyeing a gorgeous tiffany-blue box. It was hands-off for this particular item though! Something this gorgeous had to be relegated as a “ Prize”.

What is it? “This set features a sleek new Signature bottle design, topped off with a beautiful crystal cap. It’s a true expression of timeless style.

The limited-edition black satin evening bag, designed by the beauty authority herself, is an elegant clutch decorated with a crystal butterfly applique. Perfect for holiday parties or a night out on the town.

The convenient refillable purser contains Signature eau de parfum, ensuring you’ll never be without your favorite fragrance. The deeply hydrating, Signature-scented hand cream is perfectly sized to keep in almost any handbag.”

To win it? Just tell about a woman that made a big difference in your life. Winner announced Friday!

Tova sent us so many different gorgeous items to review!

Ladies, please post if Tova made you feel gorgeous inside and out!


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