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Happy Saturday Ladies! Its been a looooong seven days since I got to speak to y’all! And guess what? It’s TONER TIME at Sephora Location #999 Meg’ See, I’m really beginning to believe (Meg denies this) that I have no life. Well ok that’s not true I have a fabulous life. I just have a lot of spare time in that fabulous life and so I often spend it between checking my email hourly, writing smarty-pants messages to my friends on Facebook, writing smarty-pants messages to husbandofmeg on this website, and reading all of the reviews for all of the products on

I was reading the review for that Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner and I saw one of our sisters in beauty’s question “What is Toner?” I used to be one of those women. Used to be. I have to confess that when I read this, I scoffed. “Who doesn’t know what toner is? Everyone NEEDS toner, obviously. And then I realized, not EVERYONE else’s life is completely consumed with beauty products: at work, at home, online whatever. So I am here to regulate (and educate!) Today, girls, I am bringing you the answers. Everything you need to know about toners – and not the kind that my Ukrainian stylist/colorist puts in my hair so my highlights don’t look to brassy in my very, very dark Brown hair.

I wanted to be scientific about this so I went to, which offered several explanations in the cosmetic realm, none of which I’d actually ever heard before: 1) a cosmetic preparation, usually a liquid, used to restore firmness to the skin ( I don’t buy that one); 2) a lotion for cleansing the skin and contracting the pores (not quite). Ok, these are fine – but the way that Toners have always been explained to me is this: They’re to restore the pH balance of your skin.

I assume all of you wash your face with tap water, and not Evian. Pure water is supposed to have a pH of 7, which is neutral. But the water that your city provides does NOT have a pH of 7. Normal skin pH should be between 4 and 6.5. A toner restores this from whatever the heck the pH of your skin is after you cleanse your face with tap water to normal. Some skincare companies claim that their cleansers are combinations and take care of both steps but this is an easy test: Does your skin feel dried out after you have cleansed? If it does, you haven’t been properly toned! The only one I’ve ever found that does NOT feel dry afterwards is the Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse ($10 and $35). Maybe that’s just my chemistry though. Here’s some of my toner recommendations!!

1) Caudalie Beauty Elixir – $15 and $49 – -Grape Extract: Boosts microcirculation; Essential Oil of Rosemary: Tones; Essential Oil of Balm Mint: Acts as an astringent; Orange Blossom Water: Soothes. It says COLD in the bottle all the time so its a great refresher and makeup setter! I spray it OBSESSIVELY.

2) Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic– $18 – It makes your skin feel sooooo smooth and soft! It has soothing and balancing lavender and hydrating jojoba!

3) Decleor Tonifying Lotion – $31 – Has citrus oil to give your skin a great even “tone” and radiance. Also makes you feel soft and luxurious.

4) Dr. Brandt Poreless Tone – $35 – Great for oilier skins, but still alcohol free so it wont irritate. The Witch Hazel is anti-septic (to kill bacteria!) and Green tea to smooth irritated, acneic skin!

5) Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse – Clinical trials show a 94% reduction in oiliness, and 85% reduction in Sebum (that oily film on your face when you wake up), and no irritation to skin or eyes ( I can attest to that! I am REALLY talented at getting soap/cleanser/shampoo/makeupremover/etc. in my eyes)

See you beauties next Saturday! What do you think about Toner’s and what ones do you love!

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