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Meg here! Timothy Jay candles have been found in celebrities homes for more then a decade. When I was in his shop Ryan Seacrest’s “people” were coming by to pick up 100 of his candles for Ryan’s home. Sandra Bullock worked one on one with Timothy to get the perfect blend for her signature scent. Stores like Saks 5th Avenue, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Dreamgirls and legendary icons (Diana Ross) are huge fans of Timothy Jay. I have seen the exclusive black and white packaging at “fancy friends” housewarmings and being delivered by the cases to white tie weddings.

I like the down to earth personality of Timothy Jay. His sense of humor is wicked! He told me this tale that made me laugh.

A wife of a well known celebrity parked her enormous hummer in front of Timothy Jay’s West Hollywood shop.
She marched into the store and said to Timothy: Do you use lead in your candle wicks?
Timothy looked her right in the face and said: We do not use lead in our candle wicks and I also do not drive a hummer.

So, that didn’t go over too well Kiss
He lost a hypocrite customer. He can afford to. In 12 years he has only had one candle returned! It wasn’t even returned but exchanged. They just came in and wanted to try a different scent. Timothy complied. If you’ve ever worked in retail then you know he has achieved the impossible right there.

I am going to work on a candle with Timothy Jay so we can learn about the process and how it truly is an art. I asked him some tips on what are good scents to burn and I wanted to introduce you to him.

His candles are just amazing, when I burn his gardenia my friends go absolutely wild for it. They are just the best housewarming or birthday gift because there is no sizing involved!

What are your favorite candles? Did you know his tip about burning scents that compliment your dinner’s floral arrangement? What scents do you burn? Do tell!
I’m trying to learn as much as I can on this art!

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