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Meg here! Let me let you laugh at my amazing grandmother! She rocks it. She sends me emails that say “You should really expand your vocabulary Megan” if I say the word “shit”, in a post.  Grammy, I love you. Are you shitting me?

We’re not fancy people but Timothy Jay Sullivan is. He makes the A-list candles for the A-List people. As my Grammy would say “Sounds like they’re just A-holes period.”Thanks for that Gram, Miss Margaret O’Brien at her best. You know the guy that recorded everything his dad said got a multi-million dollar deal on it. I wish I could record everything my Grammy spouts off but I can’t. That bitch wont let me say the word “shit.” I love you Grammy. Pray for me. By “bitch” I mean the best woman that ever lived in the entire world. Maybe universe.

Any how, I need to create a candle. My Grammy would not be impressed that Timothy Jay provides candles to Saks 5th Avenue, Sandra Bullock or Ryan Seacrest. She’d want to know that Timothy Jay Sullivan was/is an Irish Catholic so we’ll give her that. Timothy, ever get to Mass?

I have access to the BEST candle artisan that the world knows and I don’t want to fuck up this opportunity ( I never say the “f” word. I just said it here in the hopes Grammy reads it and actually calls me.) Just to hear how I disappoint her is such a joy when you get a lively response from Gram.

I want to do something revolutionary! Google it, so many science experiments prove it. THE SMELL OF GRAPEFRUIT MAKES MEN THINK YOU ARE 6 YEARS YOUNGER!

How about we make our candle the ultimate aphrodisiac? A candle that you light in your livingroom while (My Gram maybe reading this-married by the Catholic Church) husband waits for you with anticipation.

The most seductive boudoir scent to hit the shelves.

Help me make it! What scents turn your men on? What aroma do you want wafting into your room? DO food scents get your guy going? What works-Please tell me so I can create the sexiest candle on the planet!

Gram, they’re all married and Catholic and all that “shit” so chill out.


Find Timothy Jay Candles HERE!

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