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It is SO that time of year. The time of year that we call, in my hometown Dallas, Hell. It’s been over 100 degrees here every day for at least three weeks. So it always seems like a REALLY big tease when the GAP starts to put light sweaters and jeans in their display windows. I won’t be wearing a JACKET until about October 27, at LEAST. I may still even wear shorts on Thanksgiving. So “fall trends” can be a laaaaaarge placebo to swallow sometimes. Over the years, you have to learn to pick out those fall trends that you can make work (and not melt off your face or make you want to join a nudist colony). Sephora’s new Fall Fashion animation is all Gray Eyes and and Dark Lips….but I just dont think you can get away with maroon lips at all anywhere unless you’re a vampire or its below 50 degrees outside.

I have decided to embrace the fiery and bright orange-ish reds that have appeared in several lines’ fall collections. They’re a great way to segue into wearing reds if you’re rhodo-phobic. They’re seriously wearble. They aren’t as scary as bloody-mess-all-over-your-face red. I think you all should give them a try!

Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Full Color Gloss in Roxanne. The Buxom Babes glosses got great reviews on For the fall they’ve introduced Full Color versions of the gloss – the same tingly and plumping texture of the gloss only FULL color! And the other colors are metallic and glossy and gorgeous!

NARS Lipstick in Beautiful Liar. I think they must have named it this because you can totally picture Shakira wearing this type of color. It’s somewhat sheer but if you find a lip liner that’s close to the color you could really fill it out. And hey, if you’re going to tell a lie you might as well have beautiful lips while you do it!

Dior Rouge in Action Red. I love these creamy, luxuriously packaged lipsticks. Now just a good reason to add it to your already ridiculous lip product collection. Because I said so!

Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in Sugar-Pin Up. These are like really nice colored lip treatments! They come in 12 shades of great reds and pinks otherwise.

Anyone else ready for fall reds? Am I the only one melting?

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