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The firm yet resilient Jaime from TIGI sent Megs Makeup out some massive cans of TIGI Hard Hold Hairspray! I love a stiff hairspray! I am a child/pre-teen of the eighties. Hairspray has probably found its way into my DNA by now.

I thought the “puff bang” was the epitome of attractiveness. Forget everything else, was your hair high enough to touch God? If yes, you were my idol. I would primp in the mirror getting ready for school with my curling iron and lifespray..I mean hairspray.

No regular formula would do. My roots needed to stand at full alert! The best hairspray my posse and I had decided was FREEZE IT!

FREEZE IT! Came in a huge, tall, neon yellow cylinder. It was like florist spray glue. A few shots of that and I was not moving for the entire day. If I didn’t shower, the entire next day. When you would shower you could feel the gluey texture of FREEZE IT! Start to dissipate (but only after 2 shampoos).

Here’s where my love affair with FREEZE IT ended. This is the part of the story where I wish I could get into a time traveling booth and apply TIGI HEAD HARD HOLD HAIRSPRAY.

I had a hot date with a Senior, being a Sophomore I needed to impress. I spent 2 hours trying to get my hair right. It wouldn’t work for me. I had 10 minutes before my amore was arriving. I frantically brushed out all of my handi-work. I had super huge, bright, white chunks. Of course, I know and you know, it was the hairspray build-up flaking. It looked like I had just been infested with uber lice.

I am a brunette so the hairspray build-up had nowhere to hide. Ugh, high school.

I felt like I was going to relive that moment again. I had coiffed my do’ and sprayed it with HARD HOLD HAIRSPRAY. Then I decided I hated my hairdo. I grabbed my trusty brush and started combing this super stiff hold out. This time? NO WHITE FLAKES!!! It was amazing. The consistency is still like spray glue but a spray glue with forgiveness!!

I was on limited time but was able to create an entire new look and without punishment. Not only that, once I sprayed my new look into place it stayed put all night with no “Crunch Factor”!

Here’s what TIGI HARD HEAD HARD HOLD HAIRSPRAY has to say..”Why not be hard headed? Use Hard Head Spray for relentless hold and control. Dries instantly. Be bold. Defy gravity. The more you use, the harder it gets “.

Ladies please post if you felt free to be hard headed. and then start over with TIGI HARD HEAD HARD HOLD HAIRSPRAY! Please post now!

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