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BabyLove here! Whenever my husband and I look at his pictures from high school, I always think about how lucky I was to have clear skin. My poor husband had awful acne, and a lot of my girlfriends suffered with it during our adolescent years. They had bad skin, with big boobs, and I had clear skin, wide hips, and no boobs. It wasn’t until after I had my children that I started to have some skin issues around my chin, I’ve been told that acne is this area is considered “hormonal,” and that may very well be the case, but it’s still super annoying. So now I’m 29 with huge boobs, acne, and a fat ass.

One of my most favorite products that I’ve reviewed since I’ve been doing this, is from Thera Wise. Maybe you’ll all recall their Decongestant Rub that worked wonders for everyone who had a chance to use it throughout cold and flu season. I was super thrilled to receive their AC+ Acne Ointment when our Boston Megheads came together back in February, and even more excited that Thera Wise has yet to disappoint.

Thera Wise products (only 4 of them) are “clean, plant based natural ointments.”  Their acne ointment balances the ecoflora in the skin, and activates the microphange cells that are responsible for protecting the skin against inflammation. The skin’s ecoflora is responsible for protecting the skin against bacteria, therefore protecting it against those awful breakouts, and saving you the hassle and headache of trying to cover them up. According to their website, “AC+ provides effective, cooling, soothing holistic relief of the redness and inflammation associated with acne. Ac+ also provides beneficial nutrients to help rejuvenate and repair damaged tissue as a result of acneic skin conditions.”  Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?  It can be used up to 5 times daily, and depending on what website you’re looking at, can be as cheap as two tubes for $20.

When I received mine, I wasn’t quite at the height of a terrible breakout, but my husband, who wears ball hats everyday, typically has a few problem areas on his forehead. His fair skin looks inflamed when he’s in the midst of one, and it really bothers him. He used the AC+ for a week straight, and not only were his skin issues far less visible, but the inflammation had been reduced drastically.  Naturally, I was pretty excited when my “hormones” started raging, and I got my chance to use this wonder ointment. Sure enough, once I applied this to my face, I believed I could actually feel it working. It was like my face was being cleaned from the inside out!  There’s nothing like smearing your face in a $15 product that makes you feel like you just left the spa. AC+ isn’t greasy, and a little ointment goes a long way.  It diminishes your trouble spots almost instantly, and after a few days of consistent application, the trouble spots are gone. They don’t dry out, and flake off, they really just disappear.

So, the two products from Thera Wise that I’ve used have been HUGE winners.  Does anyone have a bad case of hemorrhoids?  I’m almost wishing I did, just so I was able to try something else from their line. I really don’t have enough good things to say about Thera Wise. 

I’d love to hear if any other megheads have been lucky enough to try out this brand, or if it’s another one of the beauty industries best little secrets?

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