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sickGreetings people! It’s Body Beautiful Wednesday with Jeanasina! The only problem is Jeanasina has pretty much left the building. By that I mean, I am with flu-like ailments right now. You know how some proud moms say “I am with child.” Well, I, Jeanasina, am with ailments. My Harley man husband was home sick with a cold, sore throat, chills, the works a week or so ago. While he was sleeping 24/7, I was bouncing around the house trying to make him feel better! I didn’t want to get sick, so every time I warmed up some chicken noodle soup and put butter on his saltine crackers for him, I’d deliver these things to him along with a great big kiss right on top of his bald cranium! I was a good wife! I still delivered kisses, just not on the mouth, during his cold infestation period. I made sure his covers were all the way to his neck and that his favorite bathrobe was at the ready when he stepped out of bed. I was convinced that I was invisible! My man went back to work and then, one day, without warning, the suck-the-life-out-of-you illness that is working it’s way around the globe entered MY being! The parasite known as the flu has forced me to make hacking noises like an old sea hag! I’m almost unrecognizable! My voice quality has changed enough that I could easily do pornographic phone calling and make some extra cash! Although I’m pretty sure that if at the end of any sentence such as “Tell me what you are wearing big boy.” if I make a snorting sound to try and suck up my sopping wet sinuses it might be a turnoff!

At various times it seems like it would actually be a good idea to just leave a tissues stuffed up inside my nostril! My lips are so chapped – no amount of product will remain on my lips during this time! I think the tissues wipe the lip relief products off of my lips at the same time I’m swiping at my nose. In a dead sleep I find myself coughing and waking up repeatedly! To top it off, my throat hurts and it hurts inside my ears when I swallow!

I have made several trips to the drug store and Target and found myself side by side with countless other people looking at every type of cold relief product out there! There are SO many to chose from, it boggles the mind! When my husband was sick I filled the cart with various products and he was pleased with all of them, but especially felt that Theraflu – Flu & Chest Congestion liquid did him the most good. It came in a liquid form and you just filled up the little cup and drank it down like a shot of Tequila and it would work on breaking up mucus. He ran out of this product and I couldn’t find the liquid again so I bought him instead, the Theraflu Flu & Chest Congestion packets. Each packet was to be mixed with hot/warm water and then sipped right down.

When I got sick, he told me to try his packets for chest congestion. I tried mixing one in hot water and in four words….”It made me gag.” I just could not drink it! I’d take a sip and gag and then take another sip and gag. The taste just was something I couldn’t do. So…I went back to the store and this time I picked up Thereaflu Warming Relief Flu & Sore Throat liquid for myself. It’s kind of like cough syrup with a little after taste but tolerable! You do get a little warming moment when you take it – my jury is still out on if it’s helping me but I have high hopes. I suck lozenges all day long and breathe with my mouth open like a big old blow fish out of water. It’s an attractive look for me I’m sure.

Have any of you had good luck with Theraflu getting you over your cold or flu sooner? Do you have other sure thing products that make you feel almost human again? I am going to defeat this flu type unwelcome parasite that is feeding on my supple body! Jeanasina will win in the end! Until then, maybe tomorrow my left nostril will open up!  Right now people call me Little Jeanasina One Nostril.  You can disinfect your computer screens if you are worried that I am catchy, it won’t hurt my feelings!  May clear breathing and easy swallowing be part of your day!

Please pass on your secrets! How do you rid yourself of illness? Have you been hit by the flu yet this year? Who has had the flu shot?

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